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…a non-partisan organization with the purpose of restoring our Constitutional republic through grassroots political education and activism.

The mission of the Patriot Institute is…

…to restore this Constitutional republic through non-violent political activism starting at the local level.
We will change the country by educating and leading those Americans who still believe in Liberty and together, America will once again be that shining city on a hill.


Take the time to read our articles, learn and debate with our members. Here we apply our critical thinking skills and however firmly founded on our principles and convictions, come with an open mind to accept new information.


Whether you’re a grassroots activist, prepper, student of history or just fed up with the elites that are running and ruining America, this is the place for you! This is THE online shopping marketplace for you.


The Patriot Institute is dedicated to rebuilding and restoring America. Politics, political analysis and current events, backyard homesteading, education and family, emergency preparedness and self-reliance are just some of topics examined here.

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OGP in Education?+

OGP in Education?

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Calling B.S., Patriots+

Calling B.S., Patriots

“Calling B.S., Patriots” Fourth in a series about Birth to 3rd Grade Education Lynne M. Taylor Patriot Institute My...


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