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Our Founding Fathers left us a history rich in the need for faith in God and politics. The importance of faith in American politics is richly and boldly entwined in the very fabric of our nation. One only has to look clearly the whole legacy, it is undeniable and unavoidable to the honest observer.

Faith was the focus that brought settlers to our shores long before the founding was conceived in the eyes of man. The first settlers to land on our shores seeking freedom of faith and not freedom from faith as so many are want to portray it first landed on the fruited plain in 1620. The vast majority of those who came to settle this nation was for an opportunity to freely practice their faith through divine wisdom as opposed to a edict from a ruling monarch or government.

Faith, Religion, Michael Bowman, The Patriot Institute

The first settlers in the New World were driven here in search for religious freedom.

Faith and trust in God and the Will of God caused a rag tag fledgling young army to come together and against all odds fight an army of world renown. They fought with faith, believing their cause was just and to live free on earth or die. Many did perish but as the battles raged, their faith in God began to deliver victories in battles that had little hope.

Faith is paramount in the very founding of this nation. The Declaration of Independence gives US the great example of faith through the decision to have our rights of freedom liberty and the pursuit of happiness being conferred upon US by Our Creator rather common man. This one act has secured each citizen and indeed the nations rights of freedom that are unassailable by man alone.

The importance of faith in the founding of our nation are found in many ways. They all do come together and in the whole body of work, they clearly demand that faith is indeed the backbone of our nation and the backbone of our very freedom. The first book to roll off of OUR government presses was the Aitken Holy Bible. This was an action further declaring the full and complete separation from England and the forced acceptance of membership in the Church of England which was headed by King George III and required the King James Bible as its only source.

Congress, both the Senate and the House both begin their days in session with an opening prayer for wisdom and guidance by God in their actions and duties on the behalf of the nation they were elected to serve. These prayers were conducted by Chamber appointed chaplains. Thomas Jefferson, over his eight years as Vice President and President of the Senate, chose to hold the largest church services in the nation’s capitol in Our US Senate Chambers. He also regularly called on the US Marine Corps Band to supply the music.

There are many monuments across our capitol that both express and clearly acknowledge our nation’s faith in God. The most prominent of these is found on the building that is the symbol of truth and justice, Our US Supreme Court Building in which we see Moses holding The Ten Commandments. This clearly unites faith and justice as part of our foundling principles. The Bible was a text in public schools in America from the beginning and in many schools it was the only text available, until its removal by an unconstitutional action of the US Supreme Court on June 25, 1962 and begun in the 1962-63 school year and still under assault.

Faith in God was intentionally woven into the fabric of our nation. Our Founding Fathers admonished and warned us on many occasions and their legacy clearly backs it up that if we the people were ever as a nation fail to require our government in the execution of their duties in our service, to not seek first His guidance and then to operate under His principles of honesty and integrity, that our rights and freedoms would be in peril.

Faith, Religion, United States, Founding Fathers, George Wasington

The United States is a Christian nation from its founding.

They clearly told us that it IS our duty to be educated and informed in Our Founding Documents, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. This means we are to read them understand them by ourselves, not taught to US by a revisionist educator and be ever vigil in the holding of our elected representatives to always hold fast and true to these documents, their oaths of and the trust of the people who duly elected them.

We have failed to do that and our elected servants, by our apathy have taken it as permission to ignore both Our Constitution and its principles. It is clear to me that the Christians of this nation are as much at fault in the demise and decline of the US society. We are suffering from moral decline. We are allowing dishonesty and lies to be spread from the elected representatives we voted into office. The primary duty of our citizenship is to hold them to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and ethics.

The Christians of this nation, who have the deepest heritage, have routinely and rarely without standing up and fighting allowed our founding principles abandoned and ignored by our elected, appointed and employed servants. We have quietly retreated into our homes and churches to avoid our important duty to hold them to full account for ALL of their actions. We will soon be forced out of our churches and into only our homes if we do not stand up for our faith.

This is the keystone of this nation, and if we do not become wholly engaged, we will lose much more than just our heritage, we will lose the protection of God upon our nation. I listened to a man of over ninety years in our Sunday School class say that he really believes the reason that more are not up in arms and demanding this all stop. Not standing up and then forcing our government to return the freedoms long protected by a nation exercising their faith in God. Once again requiring faith and honesty be the practice in all halls of governance. He simply stated, ” Too many people in America have never lived with the freedoms God gave us and that we have allowed to be taken from us. They have no real idea of what freedom truly is!”

To him I say amen. To all you, the body of Christ in this great nation, what will it take for you understand, believe and determine to stand up, step out and preserve, first your faith and with that faith regain your God inspired freedom? Our corporate retreat is destroying our nation and it is allowing God the Guarantor of our freedom to be expelled from the nation He breathed the very life into. This election is just the application of the brakes, the train is still moving in the wrong direction at a much slower pace. The thieves of our liberty will not sit idly and content. They are licking some wounds and plotting their next assault on US. The first noticeable attack will be in 2018, in the next elections.

Examine your conscience dig deep within your soul and answer this one question. What has better served our nation? Our faith in God and the freedoms we were given or the results in our nation of man’s replacement for faith on society the so called “Great Society.” The Patriot Institute,, is ready to stand with you in the gap for the cause of life, liberty and our freedom. Join US, network with US as we teach our founding principles in the way that everyone can understand. As we form networks together from town to town until our nation is once again in unity.

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  1. Jeremy Wales 3 years ago

    Yes, I too believe all of this and carry these thoughts daily.

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