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I really don’t think people comprehend just how dangerous Obama could be in the last 12 days or how sophisticated the technology has become. Trust me! If they wanted to wipe us all out while we slept tonight not a one of us would see another sunrise. Don’t think for one second that they wouldn’t do it in a heartbeat, need be. Do you really actually think they give a rats ass about you and me or humanity? LMAO! They only need so many slaves, ya know?

With today’s drones and robots and God knows what they have in the basement, they could easy exterminate us. In their evil eyes, they would much rather just get rid of us. The one thing that gets me though is that if they didn’t want Trump in office he would not have won. If they really did want Hillary in office she would have and Trump would’ve never won. This one thing strikes me as odd most of all is knowing how “they” are. Something is definitely up with that.

Either he will be taken out or there will be a major false flag that allows Obama to declare martial law or Trump gets into office and we find out he is the traitor snake rat of all snakes like the rest of them and tricks everyone OR he gets in and gets shot or something like that. Anyhow, there is NO WAY that the powers that be are gonna let this take place UNLESS Trump is just another SELected president like the rest have been since 1913 (other than JFK and we see what happened to him 2 weeks after he said he was gonna expose the NWO).

Something just don’t set right with me and I have a good feeling that we’ll be remembering that I said this AGAIN tonight and this the whole time since that muslim plant got put into our highest office. You just don’t put the enemy into the highest seat in the land and expect him not to destroy the country(which he has) and not expect him to deliver the final blow on his way out. I hope NOW you are starting the comprehend the risks in the next 12 days. Sleep on that for the next 12 nights lil sheepies.

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  1. Dahnsmith 3 years ago

    Couldn’t have chosen a better patriot to write for the people. Honesty. Grit and a gutsy love for reporting what is and will be with NO filter or lies!! Love it!!!!❤

  2. Shannon Akins 3 years ago

    Good work, Mike. Excellent!

  3. Gay Gilliland 3 years ago

    I couldn’t agree more, I feel the same way that something is up and am preparing for the worst but hoping for the best but most of all putting my faith and trust in my God for whatever takes place because God will still be in control and He will have the last say in the matter!

  4. Author
    Michael Kintner 3 years ago


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