"A Patriot's Respite?!"
By Lynne M. Taylor
Education Columnist
Patriot Institute

Welcome to June 2017, fellow Patriots. For some of us, schools have been dismissed until the fall season. For others of us, we've a few days to go and THEN  summer may begin.

If you've been following the Patriot Institute's educational column for long, you'll know that I've given you plenty of news throughout the school year. It's been a rough one.

So, now that a respite's in sight, what is a Patriot to do?! Should we rest and pretend all is well in American education? Should we keep going full speed ahead and 'damn the torpedoes!'? I believe, we should do BOTH.

First, a Respite:

For us to be 'at the ready' in the fall of 2017 (where we can be sure more federal overreach in education will take place), we need to clear our minds and hearts. Yes, it's been a tough school year..and not just for the grown up Patriots. We, as Patriot parents, must protect our young Patriots. Have some plain, old-fashioned fun together.

Once your head and heart are a bit clearer, re-examine your position in the Patriot's stance against the federal overreaches in education. Will you take any time during the summer to re-group your strategy in protecting your children? (We are the only ones they can truly trust). Will you, as a result of your re-grouping, find yourself wanting to do MORE in the fight to preserve American education as it should be? Do you see yourself taking a seat among the school board members? Maybe you see a small group of like-minded Patriots joining you in a strategy to save the freedoms we have NOW.

It is my hope and wish that we are all wise Patriots and divorce our minds from the current educratic double-speak of the s0-called 'future' freedoms laws like ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) will grant us.

(*Note: if you've read my educational researched articles you'll remember ESSA gives NO future improvement on educational freedoms. In fact, it reduces them to all one intersected goal: post-secondary readiness for workforce based credentialed standards, not academics.)

Secondly, Being 'At the Ready':

Okay, Patriots, you've had your rest. You've looked at the big picture. Now, what?!
Here are a couple of resources you can use for the balance of summer vacation so when the school bell rings in the the fall, your family is ready.

A) What's going on in your local area in education? Find out and discuss. Is there some new program or curriculum which leaves you with an uneasy feeling? Research it! If you cannot find out anything or don't know how, ask me, I'll be honored to help out!

B) Who are those in leadership in education in your area? Are they true educators or do they appear to be educrats? (*Note: What's the difference? A true educator will be a person who isn't happy with the status quo reform. An educrat will be more like the status quo reform's salesperson.) If you've not had the time to get to know those in leadership, summer's a great opportunity. Remember, on the Patriot's side or not, we must work with these leaders.

C) Accept my challenge below. Once you've completed it, let me know. I'd love some feedback as to how we, as a unified force may proceed to help save our nation.

The Patriot's Challenge:

1) Access the Freedom Project Media series. There are 4 segments. Each is about 30 minutes. (*Links are below)
2) Gather with those like-minded Patriots you've met. Use an evening, bring pot-luck dishes.
3) Watch the segments. Pause between each and discuss what you've learned. Do you see any quick acation steps you can begin on right away? Are there any items you need further explanation on? Take notes, if you need to. These are vitally important videos.
4) Tell others and share the Series with others. The education reform is not targeting one choice, it is targeting ALL choices.
5) Challenge others, especially any Patriot Pastors. Our churches MUST get involved in the battle to save our nation, our fellow citizen Patriots, and, our children.
6) Let me know how your Challenge went. (You can leave comments for this article or use the feedback contact information featured in the last segment of the Series.) Did you learn anything new? Did something trouble you? Are you ready to help out? Do you want to have more information in the planned follow up Series?
7) Become a watchful Patriot. Watch out for your family, your neighborhood, and your town. The education reform will not stop at the school yard boundaries.

FPE Series links:
Segment One: how education is no longer academically based.
Segment Two: how your child's private data is the new 'cash cow'.
Segment Three: how and why 'school choice' will disappear.
Segment Four: how the government is lying about local control in education.

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