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This is Cecile Richards.

She is the president of Planned Parenthood. 
She is white.
She is rich.
She profits, in part from killing black babies.

Her salary is approaching $1 million dollars annually. In 2014 she made $957,952. Some of her income is subsidized by you (if you work and pay taxes)

Her organization, Planned Parenthood is responsible for 320,000 deaths via abortions annually.

35.6 % of abortions are performed on black women for a total of 113,920 black deaths via abortion performed by Planned Parenthood annually.

The vast majority of abortion clinics are in predominantly minority neighborhoods. These clinics were established in these areas deliberately for increased profit.

Lets have a conversation about RACISM.

If you knew of an organization headed by a rich white person that deliberately targeted and built facilities in American neighborhoods for the express purpose of exterminating blacks for profit and killed well over 100,000 such people annually, would you be offended? Is that too light a term?

I agree, Racism is alive and well in the United States.”

The words of  Peter Wypxzi

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