1. Karen Bracken 2 years ago

    Lynne….here is an update on PPPs (P3) they changed the name. This is what they do as soon as we catch on. Agenda 21 became 2030 Agenda, Communism became progressive, Common Core was renamed multiple names based on the state and now Public Private Partnerships are to be called: BLENDED FINANCE. So we now need to use Blended Finance (P3s) so folks will know PPP was renamed.

  2. Karen Bracken 2 years ago

    President Trump said he was removing the US from the Paris Accord. This new Smart Cities Committee will end up implementing everything the Paris Accord wanted us to do. This is the implementation of Agenda 21 and the SDGs. If you have ICLEI in your local community get a group together and demand that your city/county end their relationship with ICLEI and any departments they have set up in your city/county.

  3. Karen Bracken 2 years ago

    Sorry for leaving so many messages but if you would like info on ICLEI let me know. They were not mentioned but ICLEI is how A21/Smart Cities are brought into a community. You don’t hear much about this organization but they helped write some of the 40 chapters of the A21 manual.

    • Author
      Lynne Taylor 2 years ago

      Yes, please send any information. Thank you, Karen.

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