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America has, by and large, fallen asleep.  We have been been kept so preoccupied with working, raising our families and just doing our best to tread water, that we have taken our eye off the ball.  We trusted the government to generally take care of things, and even take care of us. Before we knew it, they grew and grew. Now, they educate our children, spend our money, control our lives.

In watching the events unfold during this election year, the most astounding facet isn't the promises and rhetoric of the politicians, it is the fact that so many Americans just assume these people naturally hold the power to do what they say.

Please support our contributors and feel free to engage them and our other readers in the comments section.  Informed citizens should engage in discussion, even civil arguments, over the events of the day and the deeper meaning of being an American.  The powers that be across this great nation, the politicians, media and academia, try their best to control the narrative. The enemy is working very hard to get us to focus on what they want us to focus on so they can complete their devious plans elsewhere unnoticed.  We can stop them.

Stay informed. Stay up-to-date. Stay engaged. Most importantly, teach and inform others. Be the voice of liberty and freedom wherever you go! Like and share our articles and commentaries with your friends. Together we can make a difference, a real difference, in the future of America. We are the Patriot Institute!

David Thornton Patriot Institute Managing Editor

David Thornton
David W. Thornton is a freelance writer for and a full-time commercial pilot. He is a native of Georgia and a graduate of the University of Georgia and Emmanuel College. His articles appear regularly on his syndicated blog,, as well as Practical Politicking, Conservative Firing Line, and Senior Airman Brian Kolfage’s Freedom Daily. He currently lives with his family in Houston, but you can find him on Facebook at The Real Common Sense Conservative and Twitter @CaptainKudzu.

Lynne M. Taylor

Lynne M. Taylor

Lynne is a full-time American citizen with a love of research, especially when truth is the objective. Currently, she is a private educator. In her spare time: support group leader, writer, speaker, grassroots group co-leader, wife, mom and chief domestic diva. Fighting against a push for a national set of standards that violate our Constitution and assault all reason, Lynne is honored to have been asked to contribute here. Using knowledge and the power of the pen (and keyboard), she shares with you information from the perspective of what's not in the limelight..but should be.

Joe Gilbert

Joe is a retired US Army Military Intelligence officer with tours in Germany, Korea all over the US and three combat deployments to Iraq. Joe is also the founder of the Patriot Institute and author of the book Of Faith and Freedom. Since leaving the Army, Joe has worked as a military contractor and a county director of Emergency Services. He owns Crisis Response Consulting, an emergency management and security consulting firm and a retail store near Watertown, NY.

JJ McCartney

Patriot Writers, Patriot Institute, JJ McCartney, Contributing Writer, Politics and Current Events
A broadcaster since 1978. JJ McCartney was born in Anchorage, Alaska, knowing the splendor of the great wilderness, while also having a very real urban upbringing, seeing the best and worst the city has to offer. A licensed HAM radio operator, and a certified broadcast engineer, JJ’s career has been spent both on the air and designing and engineering radio stations and working in broadcast related fields since age 15. A lifelong conservative Christian, a former GOP delegate, and a devoted husband and father, JJ now lives in rural Nebraska, forced to downshift since being diagnosed with leukemia. The JJ McCartney Show airs LIVE weekdays 3 to 5pm Eastern at

Pastor Paul Waldmiller

Pastor Paul Waldmiller

Pastor Paul Waldmiller an American Citizen who loves the nation but was victimized by a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer and corrupt court officals and a Batavia, NY cop who threatened to murder me all here in the USA. He stands in defiance against those like this and others who do evil. He works every day to expose evil and fight for Biblical Justice for my children, family and fellow Americans when ever possible

Carol Byers

Carol Byers, The Patriot Institute, Patriot Writers, Columnist, Politics and Current Events

Carol is a political activist, a modern-day patriot and a 5th generation Californian who's fighting to restore our country to its founding principles and the rule of law. She is constantly working to protect our Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights and to protect our sovereignty! Carol has always followed the 2nd Amendment issues as hrt great-great grandfather established the gun business in the State of California! He was one of the original ‘49ers having arrived in California on April 1, 1849. His little gun shop is located in Gold Discovery Park, in Coloma, California, scene of the famous gold strike at Sutter’s Mill which started the California gold rush.

Carol is an in-demand speaker for meetings and constantly writes letters to the editor about current political issues. She has had about 70-80 published. In 2009, Carol founded the Lassen Tea Party Patriots which is still active to this day. In 2007, she ran the local campaign office for Congressman Tom McClintock and her group was instrumental in getting him elected to Congress.

Carol is Secretary of our very conservative Lassen County Republican Central Committee which is constantly at odds with the “establishment” California Republican Party. In her own words, "I continue endeavoring to inform people of the order to counter the liberal mainstream media and the radical leftist lies out there!"

Stewart Hanley

Writer, The Patriot Institute, Patriot Writers, Patriot Writer, US Constitution, US History, Founding Fathers, Politics and Current Events

Stewart A. Hanley is a native New Yorker, now living in Northern New Jersey. His plays include ‘Cato.’ (a modernized version of ‘Cato: A Tragedy’), A version of Plautus’ Asinaria, 1787: The Signing, Three-Fifths, Broken, The End of Hate, with others in development. He is working closely with other writers and theaters in his area to develop his works and attends workshops regularly for readings, support and other educational activities, and is also a Dramatists Guild member.
Stew enjoys working with plays that exhibit events in America history, particularly during the Revolutionary/Founding Era and comedies. While he came to writing later in life, he is working diligently to get all the plays and other works he’s been contemplating down on paper.

Edwin R. Williams

Edwin R. Williams, Patriot Writer, Patriot Writers, Contributing Columnists, The Patriot Institute

Shefflorn Ballentyne

Shefflorn Ballantyne.

College Lecturer and Minister in the Thusia SDA Church. Member of the Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty Inc. of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Author of (1) Surviving Grief and Loss and (2) Immortality, Death and the Hereafter.

Our Patriot Writers

Carol Byers, The Patriot Institute, Patriot Writers, Columnist, Politics and Current Events

Our Patriot Writers

Writer, The Patriot Institute, Patriot Writers, Patriot Writer, US Constitution, US History, Founding Fathers, Politics and Current Events

Our Patriot Writers

Edwin R. Williams, Patriot Writer, Patriot Writers, Contributing Columnists, The Patriot Institute


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