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Joe is the Founder of The Patriot Institute. He is also a retired US Army Military Intelligence officer with tours in Germany, Korea all over the US and three combat deployments to Iraq. Joe is also the founder of the Patriot Institute and author of the book Of Faith and Freedom. Since leaving the Army, Joe has worked as a military contractor and a county director of Emergency Services. He owns Crisis Response Consulting, an emergency management and security consulting firm.

After spending his entire adult life defending this country, he could no longer stand idly by and watch America go down the tubes. There HAD to be a counter to the more than 100 years of liberal leftist indoctrination from academia, the media, Hollywood and even from Washington. That is what inspired Joe to first write his book, Of Faith and Freedom, A Christian’s Guide to Restoring America, and then launch the Patriot Institute.

America is a great nation because Americans are good people. It isn’t that the majority of our citizens want to see the country destroyed, it is just they have been so indoctrinated in the progressive liberal mindset. That is precisely why America needs The Patriot Institute!

Joe often publishes under the pseudonym Publius. That was the name used by our Founders when the published The Federalist Papers to garner popular support for the ratification of the Constitution.

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