Lynne M. Taylor is a contributing columnist to the Patriot Institute specializing in issues related to education and Common Core.

Subject Matter Expert (Education)Author (Gold)
Dismissed Educator+
Baker’s Dozen: Education Style+
It’s A Slam Dunk!+
Higher Education Gets A Makeover+
OGP in Education?+
Calling B.S., Patriots+
Ed’s Shakedown+
“Smarty Pants” vs  “Dumb Bunnies”?+

“Smarty Pants” vs “Dumb Bunnies”?

American Soil! American Education?!+
One Way+
Is Higher Ed In America Dead?+
Queen of Education Misinformation+
School’s Fools?+
Congress’s “Evil Sister” Bills: In-Depth+
Up Next: Life Long “Learning” For All+
Something Stinks+
Student Data Mining out of control+

Student Data Mining out of control

Presidential Double Speak+
CCSS mindset is killing our student’s minds+
Drowning out the voices of America’s people in education+
The Educational Loss of Independence+
A Patriot’s Respite?!+
Trickery Gets Education Nowhere+
Education and Lies+
Time to end federal education!+
Firing Back: A Patriot’s Viewpoint+
Not On My Watch+
An educational take on the Blueprint Budget Proposal+
An Educational Demise+
Career Tech Education, an arm of Common Core will not be our saving grace+
Mike Pence education Common Core BS Alert!+
The big lie of education choice coupons+
The education Wannabees+
Frankly Speaking: Christmas Education+
A Pied Piper’s Tale+
Frankly Speaking: Catch Phrases+
A Nation Scorned+
Every Student Succeeds Act has horrid plans for our littlest learners+
Education alignment is in fashion+
Frankly Speaking: Going Forth in Education+
Frankly Speaking: Meddling Government+
A Patriot’s Education Primer+
Education’s Open Letter+
Citizens’ Wisdom vs. Bureaucratic Folly+
Bee In North Carolina Common Core Bonnet+
No Enigma here – The Global push for Common Core+
The fan’s been hit on Common Core+


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