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Paul Waldmiller is an ordained Christian minister. He has been on the foreign mission field in the past, mostly in the Philippines. He continues to be the Director of his own Christian ministry, Global Family Outreach Ministry which is a charity whose primary purpose is in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, feeding poor children and rescuing Sex-trafficked children in the Philippines.

Paul also brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences with him. He has been employed in the past as a law enforcement officer, an Internationally Credentialed Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Counselor aa well as a Forensic Specialist wherw he designed and implemented Alternative To Incarceration Programs. His last project was to help in establishing a Veteran’s Treatment Court in Florida which is where Paul resides.

Unfortunately, and although Paul Waldmiller has literally helped ten’s of thousands of people around the world, Paul is a victim of both a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer(Illegal Alien) and a New York State Court that Paul exposed for abetting the illegal Alien/scammer. Judges and attorneys had a City of Batavia NY, Police Officer threaten to murder Paul if he didn’t stay quiet. Unfortunately, Paul never received justice but he continues to fight for not only justice for himself, but all victims of crimes here in the U.S and abroad.

You cam learn more about Paul and his ministry at and also regarding hia own personal fight for justice at

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