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By Edwin R Williams

I’ve been reading the post of some of my Face Book friends and wondering what Socialist planet are these people from? Why do they think everyone else is responsible for their problems, and why do they think the rest of us should suffer for their bad life choices?

One particular FB friend often posts photos of himself eating at expensive restaurants, wearing new costumes every week for events I wish I could go to, and every two years this guy has a new car that makes me green with envy… but somehow this person gets free healthcare. Now that Congress is about to repeal Obamacare, this guy is whining that the Republicans are mean, evil monsters that want him to die.

I am not trying to discount folks that need help and can’t afford insurance; with the high premiums, we can barely afford it ourselves. However, those of us that honestly report our income, and sacrifice to comply with the law, are sick of hearing the complaints of those that have been juking the system for so long.

People that don’t pay for their own healthcare don’t understand that (for some families) insurance premiums are now as expensive as rent, but it doesn’t stop there. We also have deductibles that must be met before our insurance pays for anything, and co-pays even when we reach our deductibles… In other words, even when you have insurance you can’t afford to see a doctor.

Before the ACA, when you needed to see your doctor you could get an appointment within a day or two; now you’re lucky to get an appointment within the week; my doctor can take up to a month to get an appointment to see him. This means you get to suffer much longer before getting a chance at relief. This is an unacceptable burden for folks that have to work through the pain, or miss work waiting to be seen by their doctor. Folks that don’t pay for their healthcare go to the emergency room and are seen the same day… I wish I could afford the emergency room.

The ACA came about because folks felt their insurance costs were too high, and we were concerned that 13% of the population had no insurance; these are agreeably legitimate problems that needed to be addressed. At that time premiums were rising 5% each year, but now they have more than doubled in 4 years for those of us not receiving subsidies. That’s over 25% rise per year for working families.

Before the ACA, hospitals in major cities complained that many of their patience had no insurance, and that it was significantly affecting the cost of care. This was a curious claim when you consider that every American could get emergency healthcare through Medicaid. What the Democrats did not tell us is the vast majority of the “uninsured” that were causing the problem were illegal aliens, who are still not eligible for Medicaid and still a major burden on the healthcare system.

Today, we still have a problem with folks that are uninsured; not the poor, of course, the taxpayers pay for them. The uninsured today are the small business owners, contractors, skilled laborers and others that make too much money to qualify for subsidies, but not enough to pay for insurance. Instead these folks have to pay a tax penalty for NOT being covered, and will lose everything if someone in their family gets sick… this means their employees would also lose their jobs.

Many Americans seem to forget healthcare is, and for several decades has been way overpriced. Back in the 1960’s comedians made jokes about $5 aspirin in the hospital, but today the costs are beyond ridicules! It is, of course because they have you over the barrel; you are at their mercy and have no right to complain about the cost of the room, drugs, food, TV, or lousy service. Remember the doctors, surgical staff and Operating Room charge you separately; the hospital bill is just the cost for the world’s worst and most expensive hotel room.

PLEASE NOTICE: I am NOT criticizing what doctor’s charge for their services. A doctor is like a criminal defense attorney; when you need one they are worth every damn penny! Just like a lawyer, you don’t want to get stuck with the doctor that the State provides… That’s where we are headed with the ACA.

While Democrats wrote the ACA, Republicans kept asking if tort reform, interstate competition and cost reviews were going to be part of the law. Of course they weren’t! The trial lawyers, healthcare providers, and insurance companies are all big donors to the Democratic Party. So what about the affordable care act made it affordable? Not a damn thing… and remember, the main cost hikes were deferred until this year in an attempt to keep Democrats from losing too many Congressional seats. How’d that work out for them?

Despite what many Americans think, the Democrats are not stupid. They designed the ACA to fail in order to “fix” it with a single payer plan. This means the government would be in charge of everyone’s health plan and the taxpayers would pick up the tab. This would result in rationing of care, increased taxes, larger deficits and greatly increased debt; all to fix a problem 90% of Americans didn’t have before the Democrats ramrodded the ACA through without a single Republican vote. They wouldn’t let anybody read the damn thing before they passed it into law! So now the Democrats want the same people in charge of the Veterans Administration and welfare to be in charge of your healthcare? Does that seem right?

Would it be so bad if the government was in charge of your healthcare? If the government pays for your healthcare they will then have the right to tell you what you can and cannot do. You will be limited on salt, sugar, fat, cholesterol, caffeine and alcohol. Smoking ANYTHING would be banned, because the government sees it as a public hazard and extreme health risk… and don’t think you won’t get caught, the government will know what secrets your blood tests have to offer. After all, the government is paying for it and they know best, right?

By taking over America’s healthcare, (which by the way is also over 10% of the economy) the Democrats have made a huge step toward turning the United States into a totalitarian Socialist nation. This has been their goal since the DNC convention of 1968. From rebranding bad ideas, to changing the nomenclature, the Democratic Party has been serving up a steady diet of socialism and failure for almost 50 years. If you still don’t understand, read “Rules for Radicals”; this has been their playbook, instruction manual and bible. Today it’s your healthcare, but it won’t be long before they dictate where you live, what you eat, how you dress, and what permissions you will need to do anything and everything.

When Donald Trump was elected President, snowflakes all over the country rushed to buy copies of George Orwell’s “1984”, and proclaimed, “Big Brother Is Here!”, but were unconcerned when the real totalitarians were in charge and grabbing for more and more government power. The biggest potential intrusion in the lives and liberties of all Americans and the single most expensive, job-killing law in history was passed and signed without a peep from the left. It seems it never occurred to Socialist America that one day someone would be elected that they don’t like, and he would have the near dictatorial powers that they gave Obama’s government.

So how do we fix the ACA? The same way you fix a cat.

Stay free, my friends…

By Edwin R Williams


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