Have you ever thought about reloading your own ammunition but didn't know how or where to start? Are you an avid hunter, sport shooter or gun enthusiast?
If so this class is for you!

Do you think New York won't eventually try to limit the amount of ammo we citizens can purchase? Think background checks for ammo purchases aren't right around the corner in this state? Want to become self-sufficient by producing your own ammo safely in the privacy of your own home?

Learn how to reload pistol, rifle and shotgun ammunition for yourself and save tons of money on ammo!

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The Patriot Institute Ammunition Reloading Class will teach you how to reload your own ammo safely at home

Topics covered include:
1. History of ammunition and home reloading
2. How to save money reloading your own ammunition
3. Reloading of pistol, rifle and shotgun ammo
4. Safety, safety and more safety

A year-long membership to the Black Lake Fish and Game Club is included in the registration fee!

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