Have you ever thought there should be a class in high school on just the basics of being an adult?
Things like balancing a checkbook, how to shop for a car, how banking and loans work, insurance, and even things like cooking, first aid and just basic civics?
Well, they don’t teach those all important things in school, but now The Patriot Institute does!

Welcome to the class we call “Life!”

This 4-day class covers all of the above topics and more! How to write a resume, cover letters, how to ace that interview and even basic car care is covered by professionals in their field.

Geared toward juniors and seniors in high school, this course covers all those things you wish you knew before you graduated, but is open to anyone.
This class is 4 fun-filled days over two weekends.
Starting on Saturday and Sunday, Oct 14 – 15 and then picking back up on Saturday and Sunday October 22-23.
Day 1: Job Hunting (resumes, Cover Letters, Making an Impression at the interview), Car Care (Checking the oil, Jump Starting a dead battery, changing a flat tire,etc)
Day 2: Cooking basics and kitchen safety (students will prepare their own multi-course lunch), basic etiquette, Home Ec and Sewing, Basic First Aid & CPR (students over 18yrs old will earn their Basic CPR Certification)
Day 3: Economics & Banking (Balancing a checkbook, Loans and banking, Mortgages and Buying a House, Credit and Credit Cards), Insurance (Home, Life, Health, Car Insurance), The Stock Market and basic investing)
Day 4: Basic Civics (taxes -property, income, Social Security, Sales, etc), The local government – Zoning, services,etc)
The Constitution, Voting and more.
Students of age will be offered the opportunity to register to vote.
This class is completely non-partisan and does not favor any political party over any other. It is about the civic responsibilities of citizens and the importance of voting.
Class is limited to the first 36 students, so register today!
Cost is $140 and covers all classes, lunch each day, plus an exclusive class T-shirt and graduation certificate!

Class is in the St. Mary’s Catholic Church community room, 8408 S Main St, Evans Mills, NY 13637.

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