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“The Best Commentary on the Principles of Government Which Ever Was Written”

Understand The Federalist Papers and learn to defend the Constitution!

Thomas Jefferson called The Federalist Papers “the best commentary on the principles of government, which ever was written.” If they hold such historical significance, why is it that most Americans are only vaguely aware of their existence, much less of their contents?

As American citizens, it is vital that we understand the Constitution and its underlying principles of liberty. And no better aid to understanding the principles of constitutional government exists than The Federalist Papers.

The Patriot Institute has teamed up with Hillsdale College to provide these free online classes to our members!

These classes can be taken in any order and are intended to be stand-alone courses. Come back as often as you like and take in any of these classes in any order. These video classes are presented here categorized and in chronological order as produced by Hilsdale College.

Become a well-informed citizen. Start right here at The Patriot Institute!

Why Study the Federalist Papers?

Introduction: Articles of Confederation and the Constitutional Convention

Q&A – Introduction: Articles of Confederation and the Constitutional Convention

The Improved Science of Politics

Q&A – “The Improved Science of Politics”

The Problem of Majority Faction

Q&A – The Problem of Majority Faction

Federalism and Republicanism

Q&A – Federalism and Republicanism

Separation of Powers

Q&A – Separation of Powers

The Legislative House and Senate

Q&A – The Legislative: House and Senate

The Executive

Q&A – The Executive

The Judiciary

Q&A – The Judiciary

“The Constitution is Itself . . . a Bill of Rights”

Q&A – The Constitution is Itself…a Bill of Rights

Conclusion: Constitutionalism Today

Conclusion: Constitutionalism Today – Q&A


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