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The writings of CS Lewis – An introduction.

The Patriot Institute has teamed up with Hillsdale College to provide these free online classes to our members!

These classes can be taken in any order and are intended to be stand-alone courses. Come back as often as you like and take in any of these classes in any order. These video classes are presented here categorized and in chronological order as produced by Hilsdale College.

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C.S. Lewis was a prolific Irish writer and scholar best known for his ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ fantasy series and his pro-Christian texts.

Born on November 29, 1898, in Belfast, Ireland, C.S. Lewis went on to teach at Oxford University and became a renowned apologist writer, using logic and philosophy to support the tenets of his Christian faith. He is also known throughout the world as the author of The Chronicles of Narnia fantasy series, which have been adapted into various films for the big and small screens.

I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else. – CS Lewis


An Introduction to C.S. Lewis: Writings and Significance

Introduction To C.S. Lewis Week 1 Q&A

Lewis’s Apologetics: Imagination and Reason, Part One

Introduction to CS Lewis Week 2 Q&A

Lewis’s Apologetics: Imagination and Reason, Part Two

Introduction to CS Lewis Week 3 Q&A

Lewis’s Fiction: Narnia and the Storied Moral World

Introduction To C.S. Lewis Week 4 Q&A

Lewis’s Fiction: The Space Trilogy—A Cosmos of Old Wars and New Battles

Introduction To C.S. Lewis Week 5 Q&A

Lewis’s Literary Criticism: The Value of Indirect Communication

Lewis’s Literary Criticism- Medieval Cosmology

Q&A – Lewis’s Literary Criticism: Medieval Cosmology

“The Way”

Q&A – “The Way”

The Abolition of Man

Q&A – “The Abolition of Man


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