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The Patriot Institute is dedicated to more than just politics. Building resilient individuals, families and communities capable of not only surviving in a crisis, but thriving and leading others is also critically important. Outdoor survival and bush craft are essential skills in an emergency.

You can’t take care of others if you can’t take care of yourself. The Patriot Institute will help you and yours learn to build a shelter, find and prepare food and clean drinkable water, give first aid and being able to meet any challenge head-on.

We all want to prevent a crisis. Natural disasters, civil unrest or even terror attacks can suddenly thrust us out of our comfort zone where we have to take care of ourselves. If that unlikely event occurs, be ready. Strong, informed and prepared Patriots will be the rock that others will depend on.

Return to the Patriot Institute Academy Survival and bush craft pages often. These lessons are regularly updated. Be the example and be prepared to lead your family and friends through any crisis here at The Patriot Institute!


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