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The Patriot Institute offers Political Consulting services, but only if the candidate and the staff meet our very high standards.

The candidate academy is a three week program designed to be a very condensed political campaign for office.  If you meet our stringent standards and your platform and background are in keeping with the goals and values of the Patriot Institute, we can help. The Patriot Institute is a non-partisan organization, but we are not for sale. We will only take on any client that only passes our intensive background and interview process.

The first week is all about building the candidate and the message. Classroom instruction on economics, American history, the evolution of Liberal Progressivism, civics and the U.S. Constitution are stressed.

The instruction in Week 1 will also give the candidate and staff the tools needed to cope with political life, sharpen communication skills through critiqued public speaking exercises and lessons on how to dress and behave properly.

Week 1: The Candidate

The Campaign Office - choosing and building a campaign staff and team.
Economics 101 - Free market capitalism, socialism, supply and demand, the effects of government action on the economy and the government's role in job creation
American History - the American Revolution, American exceptionalism and our founding documents, military history, the progressive movement and its effect on governance, trends in American history
Current Events - Iraq, Afghanistan, politics of the Middle East, the Arab Spring, rise of militant Islam, the Obama presidency
Public speaking - Critiqued speaking engagements in front of a tough audience
Manners, dress and etiquette - how to look and act properly and make an impression in any situation
The second week's instructions and exercises are focused on getting the campaign up and running. Building a team, getting your message out to the voters and raising the necessary funds to keep the campaign alive are all covered.

Classroom instruction takes economics one step further and focuses on federal monetary policy and the role of the Federal Reserve. The U.S. Constitution is covered in more depth than in Week 1 with emphasis on the limits of federal power, and of course, individual rights.

Week 2: The Campaign

Recruiting and organizing volunteers - finding and motivating crews that will answer phones, call voters, deliver yard signs, raise money, walk prescients, create ads, book appointments and more.
Electronic Campaigning and Social Media - uso ing blog sites, Facebook, Twitter and other social media to their maximum potential
Fundraising - the basics of the fundraising law and fundraising ideas
Economics 102 - US monetary policy and the Federal Reserve

The U.S. Constitution - limits on government power, Federalism, Separation of powers

Week 3 takes the campaign on the road. Media interviews, public appearances, debates and town hall meetings are all practiced and practiced. Staying on message despite the best efforts of your opponent, and then planning your campaign are all covered in this final week.

Week 3: The home stretch

Pressing the Flesh - prescients, the church circuit, public appearances and time management.
Getting Your Message Out and the Vote - distributing absentee ballots, attending "meet and greets", photo ops, arranging luncheons, distributing fliers, posting signs and arranging and more
Dealing with the media - students are put through numerous media interviews which are recorded and critiqued
Town Hall Meetings - Candidates will participate in live town hall meetings before real audiences which are recorded and critiqued
Winning the debate - Candidates will engage role playing opponents in live debates which are, again, recorded and critiqued as teaching aids
A Campaign in Motion - planning your specific campaign, in your state or district


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