The Patriot Institute is more than a source of information and online education. The heart of the Patriot Institute is in its classrooms.  Here you will find the schedule of classes sponsored by the Patriot Institute.

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The American flag hangs in a classroom Sept. 18, 2001 at Good Shepherd School in Frankfort, KY.
Rob Carr/Staff

From emergency preparedness, communications, first aid to civics, history or how to run for office, your path to grassroots activism starts here.  We’re on a mission. The Patriot Institute is driven to restore America to the strong and free Constitutional republic of our Founding. You can be a part of that and we will give you the tools.

Classes are given in a classroom with one of our experienced Patriot Institute instructors.  Most of our classes are given free of charge, but any textbooks, other course materials and in some cases the examination fee will constitute the tuition for the course. Course materials for all of our classes are available in the Patriot Market. Check the description for the specific courses to see what materials are required.

The classroom not only allows for greater interaction between student and instructor, but also for far greater networking between the students. Although the Patriot Institute will provide virtual learning, it is our preference to have actual classroom instruction whenever possible.

Due to the Patriot Institute actually sending one of our instructors on the road for the course, registration fees, which will also cover the course materials, are payable upon registration. Click on the “Register Now” button to register for the course and pay any associated fees.

Become part of the solution! If your goal is to be a leader in the restoration of this great country, you’re in the right place!


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