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The Lie We’ve Unwittingly Embraced. Private and home-schoolers are increasingly impacted by a national shift away from well-rounded education that promotes independent thinking and toward utilitarian, skills-based training that produces a dependent mindset in attempting to prepare students for the workforce. A discussion of this shift, the role of public-private partnerships in effecting it, and what it means for you and your children.


The video above features the Patriot Institute’s very own Lynne Taylor as she discusses federal overreach in education. Lynne is joined by Mark Black of Freedom Project Education and Kirsten Lombard from Resounding Books.

As the American public education system (government schools) continue to demonstrate a decreasing ability to truly educate our children, the movement towards alternative forms of education become increasingly popular. However, these “other” forms of education continue to remain largely misunderstood.

Government, driven by industry and special interest, are ever increasingly training our children to be cogs in their ever-growing wheel of industry. Instead of educating our children to be able of critical thinking, problem solving and independent thought, they are just being trained for the future jobs as dictated by these special interests. There is an alternative to this indoctrination and training. Not to mention there is no Constitutional provision for the federal government to have ANYTHING to do with anyone’s education.

This is the first of a four part series. Today’s video covers the shift in education from academic to workforce training. Subsequent segments will tackle data collection and how almost every federal agency participates in that data harvesting, and the sharing of that data.

The Patriot Institute strives to bring the latest analysis and commentary on the movement to end the unconstitutional federal control of education.

By Lynne M. Taylor

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  1. Lynne 2 years ago

    Mary Black, not Mark Black, is one of the 3 panelists.

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