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America will choose our next president in less than three weeks. Regardless of who wins, the sure losers are the American people.
America is on a very slippery road. Our economy isn’t growing. We are nearly $20 trillion in debt with no plan to pay it. Our major entitlement programs like Social Security are approaching bankruptcy. Median incomes, home ownership and workforce participation are all down. We have had the slowest recovery from a recession since 1949. More than 100 million Americans are now on some sort of means-tested federal assistance.

Our military has been decimated. We have the smallest standing army since before World War II and the smallest navy since 1916. Meanwhile, our challenges and threats from overseas are very daunting.

What was a civil war in Syria now involves Russia, Iran, the United States and other state players actively involved in the conflict. Hundreds of thousands of “refugees” have streamed into Europe and the United States bringing with them civil instability, crime and even terror attacks, not to mention the financial burden that comes with supporting them.
Thanks to years of poor decision-making and the utter lack of real statesmanship with the agenda of furthering either peace or America’s interest, Africa and the Middle East are awash in blood. Terror groups such as Boko Haram, Ansar al Islam and Al Qaida are burning, beheading, kidnapping and enslaving their way across Nigeria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. ISIS still controls large swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq after America abandoned all previous fought and bled for gains in the region. All of these groups in all of these regions are perpetrating a genocide against Christians, but we’re not supposed to talk about that.

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America is almost $20 Trillion in debt which rises at an astounding rate.

Russia is still fermenting war in the Ukraine after annexing the Crimean peninsula. China is a ever-growing threat in the Pacific as it builds large military bases across formerly open sea and shipping lanes all the while challenging us to stop them. North Korea continues to develop and test nuclear weapons. Iran is still pursuing a nuclear weapons program too, only with Iran, America paid for it.

Given this short example from a very long list of troubles, and there are more, plenty more, by what objective standard could Hillary Clinton the right choice for the office of the presidency?
The precipice from which America is sure to tumble is most likely unavoidable. Economic trouble at home and war and rumors of war overseas can bring about a situation worse than the Great Depression and World War II. What are we to do?

We are not tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists. We are average Americans, concerned for the future of our families and our country. If nothing happens, great. If the impact of what is to come is less devastating than we predict, terrific. But if it isn’t, what are we going to do?

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The Patriot Institute was founded to create a nation-wide community to persevere any crisis

First, no politician is going to save us. Vote for Trump. Vote for Hillary. Neither of these people are going to stop this. We have been counting on the government to fix our problems, all our problems for generations. Where has that gotten us? It has delivered America, and the world, to exactly where we are now. Then what is the answer?

We have to acknowledge that we are responsible for our own communities. We are responsible for our the security of our families and our children’s education, not the government. We are responsible to take care of our families and to be prepared for any crisis. When the time comes, you will won’t be able to depend on FEMA or the military. As Ronald Reagan famously said, the nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

We have to rely on each other.

That’s where the Patriot Institute comes in. What is the Patriot Institute?

The Patriot Institute is a non-partisan organization with the purpose of restoring our Constitutional republic through political education and activism. We do not support or represent any political party or any candidate for any office.

The mission of the Patriot Institute is to restore this Constitutional republic through non-violent political activism. We will change the country by educating and leading those Americans who still believe in Liberty and together, we will unseat and replace the establishment.

What will the Patriot Institute be?

The Patriot Institute will be the premier training site for restoration of our Constitutional representative republic. We offer classes on everything from emergency communications, first aid, civilian emergency management, leadership to prepping like backyard homesteading, canning and food preservation and much, much more.

We will build an online community of like-minded Americans who will organize, communicate and share their collective skills so that together, we can weather whatever the future holds and come out the other side stronger, unified ready to restore this great country.

It will be a central location where select and carefully screened candidates can meet with supporters and hold town hall events.

The Patriot Institute will be a central location where Liberty and Freedom loving organizations can find support and resources such as video studios, meeting and classroom space, computer labs and social media and community organizing assistance. And so much more….. even lodging for out of town guest speakers and candidates on the trail.

What the Patriot Institute is NOT:

We are not anarchists. We are not the new “alt-right.” We condemn violence as a means to an end except as a last resort and in self defense. We are not against LEGAL immigration into the United States. We do not judge our members or anyone by their race, national origin or religious beliefs.

We are Americans dedicated to our founding principles that we are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights. We believe in smaller fiscally responsible government whose primary function is to protect these rights. We are citizens who realize that America is on the wrong track and now headed off a cliff if immediate action is not taken. We believe we can no longer expect our elected representatives who are the government to fix themselves. We are committed to being that change. Patriots know that change has to start with us. We will build a nation-wide community of those like us. Strong families build strong communities. Strong communities build a strong country. We will be the example for others to rally around.

We are the new founders. We “shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.” We are the Patriot Institute. Join us.

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