“American Soil!” American Education?!”
by Lynne M. Taylor
for the Patriot Institute

Patriots, the last article I shared with you gave you a chilling look at the UN-backed ‘religion’ (aka Kundalini Yoga) creeping into American classrooms.

In a somewhat related way to follow up on what’s creeping into American education, let’s consider the Chinese influence. (Which is extremely heavy from colleges and universities and backwards all the way down to Pre-K.)


American Today, Global Tomorrow?

Patriots, above you see a picture of the Ginkgo leaves. Ginkgo trees are originally from China. They’ve made their way to America. They can be quite beautiful, too.

As Americans, we’ve had a long-standing relationship with China. Sometimes great; sometimes, not.

When it comes to education, however, the relationship has become much more aligned to a ‘one-way-to-learn-so-you-can-earn’ globalized system. If you pay any attention to all those tests our students take which measure their competency (not necessarily ‘intelligence’), you’ll also see how Americans get ‘racked and stacked’ in international standings. China is usually near the top and the Americans aren’t.

For years ‘educrats’ have taken these standings as justification as to WHY Americans MUST reform education.

Patriots, if education was simply a matter of ‘who’s #1’, it would be one thing. However, education is so MUCH more than which nation’s population is #1!

The problem is that the education reform going on in America doesn’t contain much specific American content.
Much of the content is from other countries, backgrounds, beliefs, and, government systems. 

My thanks goes to one of my fellow AZ Patriots, for sending me some of the following information.

First, a few facts about China (see below)

Source of the original image. Added emphasis is mine.

If you cannot read the added emphasis, I’m basically pointing out that as far as education, China has been a world leader for many decades. As one of the founding 5 members of the UN (United Nations), China is an accomplice.

The fact that the UN has created the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and thereby using education as a wedge to create economic workforce citizens, you can see why Patriots need to be concerned.

Next, consider that the Natural News and Politico BOTH have brought to light the Communistic Chinese influence in not only higher education, but Pre-K through 12th grades as well!

Note: Patriots, if you notice some of the higher education institutions mentioned in the Natural News article, every one of them can also be traced to having some sort of hand in furthering the development of Common Core State Standards. These ‘Standards’ violate our U.S. Constitution, and at least 3 U.S. federal laws! The CCSS and all that goes with it have more in common with the UN global governing documents, than America’s!!

Even today, in 2018, where it has been falsely stated that CCSS is dead! CCSS lives on, because the UN’s influence in American lives on!!

From the New American Magazine, this article about Chinese propaganda in American K-12th grade
schools. Also from New American, more about the Chinese infiltration of higher education AS well as the US politicians implicated!

If you’d like to read the related content from Zero Hedge, it’s about all the Chinese “Confucius Classrooms” in States like Texas. You’ll also see this type of communism in our education is also seen in South Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia, and Europe. However, America is China’s biggest target because we are their biggest rival.

From my educational research, I’ve ‘uncovered’ one group which loves Common Core and globalism. It’s the Asia Society. On my full time blog, I’ve shared many nasty truths about this group. In my researched opinion they are more than willing to rip out every American thread which has been woven into our education and replace it with UN ideology for global education for global citizens for a global economy.

From Asia Society’s website, read this excerpt:
Asia Society’s Confucius Classrooms are a national network of exemplary Chinese language programs selected through a competitive application process. The network currently comprises more than 35,000 students studying Chinese in more than 100 elementary, middle, and high schools located in 27 states and the District of Columbia.”

The description goes on to read, “Each Confucius Classroom is linked with a partner school in China to enhance opportunities for language learning and provide students, teachers, and administrators with opportunities to conduct exchanges and joint projects.”

The goal? Globally competent students.

This 2015 video from the Asia Society for a Teachers Leaders Confucius Classroom Conference, you’ll hear the Common Core re-branded name of “College and Career Readiness” spoken by one of the Americans. You’ll also hear how it all makes sense since every nation in the world conducts business with the Chinese that we all learn their language and their culture.

Patriots, while you are visiting the Asia Society’s main website page, be sure to look at the ‘experts’ section. Almost every nationally reaching group for education is a part of the ‘expert’ team.

Before we part, Patriots, I wanted to leave you with one of the latest publications pushing global competency for global citizens. It’s a partner project by the Asia Society and the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). OECD is the group behind all the international racking and stacking of nations when it comes to education testing. OECD is also the partner of the UN.

OECD also calls our students ‘human capital’.

Patriots, when it comes to education in America, we simply MUST insist on American based content. As long as we are on American soil, we NEED American education.

We do not need any other ‘ism’ than patriotism!

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  1. Karen Bracken 2 years ago

    Global tomorrow is really global today. As we both know now that PISA is aligned with Common Core global is already hear.

    • Author
      Lynne Taylor 2 years ago

      Thanks Karen, as always for your support. Yes, we both know, but I am trying to reach out to those who are still not as aware as we are.

  2. Anita Hoge 2 years ago

    Chinese testing data has always been skewed. Ask yourself the question: Who are the children who take the tests in China? Answer: only children who have been SELECTED to move forward in higher education, no worker drones. Question: who are the children who take the tests in America? Answer: ALL children take the tests in the United States, even Special Education children who have been mainstreamed. Do you think the results are skewed? Yes, always. Plus, has anyone read the national NAEP tests or the international PISA of what is actually tested and used as comparisons? Not many. Americans are gullible about the rankings, what is tested, and who is doing the testing. We are in the dark or with blinders on.

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