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I remember the first time that I learned of the term “Stockholm Syndrome.” I was sitting in a classroom at the New York State Corrections Officer Academy in Albany. I had just turned 22 years-old and not necessarily naive to life’s problems, and way-back in the day in 1984, we did after all have color TV’s and the nightly news broadcasts to keep us informed. All joking aside about 1984 and my age, my academy and indeed even more so, being employed working in prisons taught me quite a bit about people and how they deal with all sorts of problems including those that suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. Have you ever heard of this syndrome? Many Americans have not, even many counselors and psychologists/psychiatrists are unfortunately have little to no knowledge regarding the dynamics of this syndrome. I am however thankful for my academy training and later also my work within the legal field and courts over the years to be able to see how today and point out, how many Americans suffer from this psychological disorder.

Now I realize that you also may be unfamiliar with Stockholm Syndrome as a definition, so let me first share with you why I chose to write this article before I give you a clear definition. I’ll start here by mentioning that you remember the Muslim terrorist attack in Manchester, England just last month. Like you perhaps, I watched in horror when news of the Muslim terrorists drove a truck over the London Bridge killing many, but perhaps unlike you, I also equally watched in horror those in England being marched across the London Bridge escorted by police. Every person being marched across that bridge had their hands and arms up in the air as if they were surrendering to enemies at war. Their hands in the air to me was bad enough, but when a few of those being escorted across the bridge were interviewed by various news outlets and media why they had their hands and arms up in a sign of surrender, shockingly, we all learned that the police did not at all ask any to raise their arms or hands. In fact, what we learned was that it was just one person being marched across the London Bridge who decided on their own, was to raise their hands and arms, it was simply just a good idea to them then in unison, also every single person being marched across the bridge by the U.K Police, without asking why or if they needed to, followed suit and also raised their hands and arms surrendering to whomever was leading them although not one Government official asked them to.

Americans, Stockholm Syndrome, Government Overreach, US Constitution, Donald Trump, Republicanism, Federalism

Hopefully you are beginning to see what exactly Stockholm Syndrome is, but if not, let me give you a specific definition; Stockholm Syndrome is described, “a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy towards their captors.” That definition given, let me help share a bit more to help those of you not quite comprehending this syndrome yet…Some of you older folks like I remember Patty Hearst, the famous American daughter of a newspaper tycoon who in 1974 was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army. Ms. Hearst within a few months after being kidnapped, appeared in public helping the SLA in their bank heists. Her picture was taken from bank photos clearly showing Patty holding weapons and pointing them at bank employee’s. What caused Ms. Hurst to go from being captive of a kidnapping to a willing participant in a terrorist action? The psychological answer to this question points us to Stockholm Syndrome. As also with those also being led across the London bridge, we see Stockholm Syndrome in play. Again, Stockholm Syndrome is described, “a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy towards their captors.”

Like Ms. Hearst in the past, and those in England recently who were marched across the London Bridge, Many Americans also suffer Stockholm Syndrome. They may not see it or believe it, but many do. We see many Americans today are simply complacent and compliant in their attitudes when being ordered by any Government officials telling them to do whatever, whether right or wrong. Very few Americans ask questions anymore when police or any Government official give an order or instruction. Equally, very few Americans are willing to look at our God Given Rights or our Constitution(which is the lesser of the two) for proper instruction or to check to see if our Government officials are indeed violating our rights or not. Sadly, most Americans have become so conditioned to follow unconstitutional orders of police and our Governments and their courts, they simply conform without even asking if those orders or instructions are in violation of their rights. Simply put, most Americans have accepted Government violations of their Natural Rights as the norm and acceptable. Americans follow along with their Constitutional Right’s violators.

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Like Patty Hearst of the past, many Americans today have come to accept and also become empathetic towards their captors. The “captors” of course, being our Federal, State and local Governments and their agents whether police, CPS, Judges, lawyers, domestic violence programs, schools, etc. Frighting, any semi-awake American can simply open their front door and see the all to-often blank look in many of their neighbor’s eyes that indicate their empathy towards their abusers and that blank look also reads “comply” all day long. Now don’t get me wrong, complying with Constitutional orders helps us all remain safe and secure in our God given freedoms, but ninety-nine percent of the time, Americans never ask the question whether the orders or instructions being given to us via our Governments or courts are in fact violating our rights. Unfortunately, instead most Americans accept without question the absolute violations of our rights on a daily basis.

Americans today are all to willing to walk around with their hands and arms up in the air and surrender to evil minded people who have no desire to see America return to God or greatness. In fact many Americans are fighting to destroy anything good that we have left here. The sad part about this is that they willingly suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and they don’t want to see or acknowledge it when informed about their psychological condition(Yes, classic denial in play also here). Seeing so many Americans on the wrong and Satanic side of matters of freedom should hopefully help you engage and fight even herder in gaining back your God given rights. I write “should” because I see so few Americans not suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and willing to stand.

Paul P. Waldmiller
Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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