An Educational Demise:
Are We Really Exposing the Entire Problem?
Lynne M. Taylor


We have so many different issues vying for our attention these days. Neighbor pitted against neighbor. Politicial powers being used, or not used correctly, depending on whom you ask. Schools experiencing traumas of all types; from teacher misconduct to a student’s ‘miseducation’.

My fellow citizens of America, I will not waste your valuable time rehashing headlines. That serves no real purpose. However, today I want to ask you, as well as myself, are we really exposing the entire problem in American education?

Certainly, if you’ve read my articles before, you know that I am 100% opposed to Common Core AND everything connected to it.

However, Patriots, we need to realize that a large number of politicians AND citizens still assume Common Core is ONE thing impacting public K-12th grades only. It is up to us, to be consistently willing to see beyond the ONE thing and admit there is SO much more and share it!

To truly END ‘fed-led-ed’, we must halt the UN-led-thinking taking over America’s schools, government officials, and citizens. We are loosing all freedoms by bowing down to ‘school choice’, ESSA*, WIOA*, HEA*, and all the educratic reform surrounding them. What started with Common Core is ending in a national demise.
*ESSA: Every Student Succeeds Act

*WIOA: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
*HEA: Higher Education Act

If, you know someone who thinks Common Core (CC) is only public K-12th grades, please share this researched proof: 
“There’s the adult form of CC: CTE (Career Tech Education); then, there’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math); there’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math); NGSS (Next Gen Science Standards); NGSS (Next Gen Social Studies); C3 (College, Career, Civics Life); CPs (Career Pathways); AAI (American Apprencticeship Iniatiative); CCR (College/Career Readiness), and, probably others we’ve yet to hear about.

The goal, regardless of the name, is the same: Workforce based education for 21st competency based workers.

As we know, none..not ONE of the above alphabet soup names is locally written, created, inspired, or otherwise fashioned together after. Every bit of the programs above is in the CCSS Machine from a top-down force. I do not mean a D.C. to your backyard force, I mean a globally driven force.

So, it should be NO surprise that when we wake up in our homes across America to face another day, we find the CCSS Machine has made one more stride toward us. Today, it may target your little ones; tomorrow, it might be the adults who are targeted; the following day could see our learners who are gifted tapped for the Machine. We may find that our special needs students will also be ‘blessed’ with educratic reform.”

The point of it all is that NO age group will escape the top-down education reform.

How this impacts all beyond public education is quite simple. ESSA’s language mandates all education (taught and learned) to be aligned to post-secondary readiness as laid out by WIOA. Those ‘post-secondary readiness standards’? Simply put are ‘industry recognized credentials’. Since ‘post-secondary readiness’ includes higher education, the HEA (Patriots, it’s currently being re-written by the same politicians who wrote ESSA) will naturally be in the alignment path as well. 

Why and how this is in place? Again, the un-American root of the educational shift/American demise is the UN, United Nations.

In the 2 screen shots below, the UNESCO’s global grasp on education encompasses EVERY other aspect of our lives as well. All through the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). America signed up to continue it’s alliance to the SDGs in 2015.

To access my article about the SDGs, click here. To read the article where the above pictures are included is here.

Patriots, we cannot simply make moves to ‘end Common Core’ and think all our educational problems will be solved. That is like fixing a leaking submarine by attaching a screen door. Common Core IS a piece of the problem.
However, we must be willing to end “Career Tech Ed”, end our relationship with the UN, and many, many other related moves. We’ve got to get businesses out of education as well. STEM is one of the most connecting factors between the UN and our way of life

To do any less is to continue to aid our country in its demise. To remain silent is to turn our backs on our citizens.

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