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Another day in our nation’s Capitol. Another Congressional Hearing will be taking place. Will it be about the shenanigans of Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice or any of the lowlife dirtbags of the TYRANT’S disgusting regime?? Of course not. Again it will be about collusion. Yes, my fellow patriots, we are still living the nightmare. This has all become a very, very dream.

Jared Kushner is being called to testify about something that has yet to be shown. We’ve gone after this ‘collusion business‘ for well over a year and nothing has yet been proven. This is all something to behold. Their collective minds the Far Left Dems are certainly losin’. Kushner has been quoted as saying he has nothing to hide but our DON’S enemies refuse to believe this is the case. It is this fairy tale of collusion that these lunatics hold on to. It is what they clearly embrace.

Every word that comes out of Jared’s mouth will be scrutinized by these morons who look at the very least to get our President’s son in law on perjury. They are hoping that he can become a modern day ‘Scotter Libby’. Robert Mueller and his team of ‘Hillary loving’ lawyers will be anxious to hear what Kushner has to say. They can’t wait to get their time with him. They’ll browbeat him tell he tells them what they want to hear. Kushner as is the case with all of the Trump associates won’t ‘break a sweat’. The truth is on their side. They have nothing to fear.

What a waste of precious time this all is. I keep reminding myself if this every damn day. Months ago we duly elected a man of enormous strength to be our President but his haters will not accept him as such. It is deep resistance to him that is on display. Dastardly Hillary used this collusion business to get back at our President who she deeply hates and is determined to see him fail. Behind the scenes she works diligently to see that he is seen as not legitimate. Why or why is this rancid, evil pig not locked securely in some jail??

When the hell is this Republican Party going to show some balls and get the real criminals before their committees to delve into their many crimes. Why won’t they do what needs to be done instead of bowing to the FAKERY if these agenda driven media outlets?? The biggest of which is the New York SLIMES. They and their Bolshevik comrades in the Washington ‘COMMIE’ Post relish every damn illegal leak they publish. It is justified in their demented minds for it could lead to a downfall of a President that they utterly despise. It is the ‘proverbial head’ of our DON that they so want and covet. It is something that they would surely prize.

Methinks that they will fail. Evil never wins out in the end. And, let’s face it, our President and we who love him are up against forces so truly evil heretofore never seen. That is something that is hard for one to refute. It is war that President Trump will ultimately win. As we’ve come to know he is a man of determination and strongly resolute.

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