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The Democrats are extremely frustrated. They hatch another plot to remove our President. You may be asking HOW?? By invoking the 25th amendment. Two dozen of these fools are convinced that our DON is mentally incapacitated to make any kind of rational decision. To them using this tactic makes lots of sense. They so want to see a President Mike Pense.

A Maryland Democrat Congressman is trying to set up a Commission to target Trump insisting that his mental incapacity is no laughing matter. Fellow patriots, can you believe what you are hearing?? The Democrat Party truly has lost their minds. I just can’t wait to see what our DON will be next tweeting. The plan has only attracted Democrat co sponsors so far. That should come as no damn surprise. This party is more messed up than we could ever realize.

There is no doubt that this plot was devised by Maxine Waters who truly is and has been for the longest time so mentally incapacitated. She proves once again she is the LUNATIC OF ALL LUNATICS. And that is something that need not be at all debated. TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME has deeply affected the Democrats. They look for any way to rid themselves of a man who was duly elected. What will they do next? Try and organize a bloodless coup?? They must be stopped. In next year’s elections so many of these idiots must be voted out. They have to be rejected.

Regarding this this 25th Amendment they would need Vice President Pense to agree. Do they actually think that has even the remotest possibility? At the end of this process for it would take two thirds vote in both the House and Senate for removal. In only a political world that has gone utterly mad would one think that this is all rational. The political opposition grows insane by the day. How is it that we keep sending to our Congress these people who act in was so reprehensible??

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