“Baker’s Dozen: Education Style”

Lynne M. Taylor
for the Patriot Institute

Greetings, fellow Patriots!
Like any great cook, we know it takes a trusted recipe to yield the best tasting goodies. We know if you miss an ingredient, it lessens the flavor or texture. Add too much of an ingredient and you find the dish headed for the trash.
We’ve all ‘been there, done that’. We’ve experienced the ‘happy disasters’ (where your ‘flop’ of a recipe actually works), we’ve also suffered the ‘kitchen tragedies’ (where everyone gags).

I’m not here to judge your cooking skills or reveal mine. I’d like us to look at the state of education, however, through the context of a failed recipe in EPIC proportions!

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Too Many Chefs Spoil Education:

Patriots, it is NO secret that the federal intrusion into education has had the entire nation ready to vomit over the disastrous results. The U.S. Dept. of Education AND Congress threw out the recipe book (the U.S. Constitution) the day that ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) was passed. However, we know their ruinous efforts started WELL before then. 

More recently, we’ve seen lots of States report that the teachers have been striking over their pay, or lack, thereof.
Happening today, here in NC, about 3 hours east of my home, teachers and their supporters have gathered in Raleigh to protest the state of education here.

Now, do NOT get me wrong, I’m not ‘anti-teacher’ (how could I be when I WAS one before?). But if you look at what groups are driving these protests (mainly the sold out teachers unions of AFT and NEA, American Federation of Teachers/National Education Assoc. respectively), you’ll see this is ALSO a ‘recipe of disaster’ for education.
One group, here in NC, “Public Education First, NC” is a notoriously sold out bunch actively supporting not only the teachers walk out today but increasing the amount of intrusion into education via mental health services! Public Schools First NC sold out to the CCSS Machine, (Common Core State Standards Machine) a while back. 

So, imagine my disgust when, yesterday, the local PBS (also sold out to the CCSS Machine) station show “NC SPIN” put out an announcement about the state (or missed state) of education here in NC. The variety of responses almost resembled a spice rack.

I lost it. I read the responses, while most citizens responded with let’s do all we can to give the teachers more money, there were a few who dared to point to the more truthful account of ‘kitchen ingredients’ in Raleigh.

Now, why am I sharing my list with you? Because, as we’ve seen, what is happening in one State, is going on in others. 
(Patriots, feel free to use this as a template, or, use ‘as is’ when sharing with your fellow citizens and leaders.)

So the next time someone is crying over the ‘spilled milk’ (failed education) in the ‘kitchen’ (your State Capitol), remind them of the following:

1) Stop pointing the finger at everyone but yourself. You were elected to represent WE the People.
1a) If your education leaders are appointed, it is still applicable..they use YOUR tax money!

2) Regardless of political party, education is a ‘kitchen recipe’ gone horribly wrong.

3) State sovereignty was ‘null and void’ the day any federal funds hit our State’s bank accounts.

4) Federal laws were set in place to prohibit overreach into education in EVERY way, but it appears most everyone in charge in Raleigh (your State’s capital) missed that class.

5) The mismanagement and abuse of power by the State Dept. of Public Instruction has funds for education going everywhere EXCEPT where needed the most.

6) Every federal Cabinet agency has overreached into education. These strings are attached to our State level agencies which are equivalent and/or related.

7) The National Governor’s Association AND the Council of Chief State School Officers hold copyrighted national educational standards. Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) did NOT nullify these Standards..the law CODIFIED them!

8) NC’s ties with Bill Gates, Microsoft, and/or, The Gates Foundation.

9) NC’s ties with the Technocrats/educrats from around the world.

10) NC’s ties to the UN (United Nations) and global sustainability.

11) The ESSA clause which states ‘all education MUST be aligned’. This will render ‘school choice’ useless.

12) Corporate interference either in or out of P3s (Public Private Partnerships). Not only are these unconstitutional, but are turning schools into workforce prep pipelines.

13) The unconstitutional and civil rights violations committed daily via ‘student data rape’ in personalized learning. This type of ‘data rape’ assaults our teachers and school leaders as well. Personalized learning is a set up to constantly track and assess. Whole school grades are held hostage. All this violates the FERPA and HIPPA laws. (Remember, FERPA’s been watered down to NOT protect your family!)

Close with something like this:
And you are wondering WHY education is such a farce?! It is a system set up to FAIL so the federal government can rush in and ‘save the day’.

The State’s problem is the educational ‘food’ is killing us all. It starves our teachers of their true desire to ‘teach’. It spoils our student’s appetite for real academic learning. It substitutes quality ‘food’ for workforce trained ‘junk food’. This is not a ‘balanced meal’ for growing minds. If we truly are ‘what’ we eat and good food ‘feeds the brain’, why are we serving ‘substandard foods’ unfit for anyone?

Patriots, we wouldn’t allow a real chef to poison us daily, so WHY are we allowing the federal government to usurp the States? The Citizens? The schools?

Personal note: Patriots, I’m taking a couple of weeks away to prepare myself for a few things. Most notably, a Parents Rights Rally in CT, this Saturday, the 19th. If you’re in the area, come join us! If not, be sure to keep the State leaders’ feet to the fire for me!

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  1. Jennifer Strope 2 years ago

    The one thing I would point out is that it is not just federal government that should butt out of education but the state governments as well. I’m not a big fan of public schools at all, but if the only type of public school I would ever support would be one that is entirely funded by local tax dollars . Obviously, local officials can become corrupt, but if and when that happens, it is only one school district that is impacted rather than the schools in an entire state or nation.

  2. Zulu 1 year ago

    Lynne Taylor, thanks so much for the post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.abracadabra video atlanta

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