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To the Democrats bipartisanship and compromise simply means that you must give in to their demands once again!

Because, in case you haven’t noticed it, Democrats never ever compromise on anything and they have no interest in bipartisanship!  They firmly stand their ground, refusing to ever back down until, once again, the Republicans finally give in!

In spite of Republicans winning the House of Representatives in 2010, the Senate in 2014 and finally the Presidency in 2016, the Republican Party, which now controls all 3 branches of government, still acts as though they are powerless and lost the election.

This was not the case, however, when the Democrats won all 3 branches of government in 2008!  I remember when Obama reminded Republicans that they had lost and said  “ Republicans can come along for the ride, but they have to ride in the back of the bus!”  He meant what he said and over the next 8 years Obama basically ignored his Cabinet, bypassed Congress and  ruled by executive fiat with his  Executive Orders!  He dealt exclusively with his 44 radical-leftist, Socialist Czars.

In 2009, the Socialist Democrats immediately took charge and went to work to fundamentally change America.  But, in an effort to “get along” or “reach across the aisle”, the Republicans gave in on seemingly every issue, even when they knew something was unlawful and wrong!  Seemingly afraid to be labeled as “racist”,  the Republicans scarcely voiced any opposition to what Obama and the Democrats were doing as they blatantly trampled the Constitution and thumbed their noses at all our laws.

The only time the Republicans actually stood their ground was over the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare!  There was no time for the Republicans to even have a chance read that bill. In fact, it was impossibility for anyone to have read that bill in the allotted time given,  as the bill was literally stacked 3 feet tall with something like 22,000 pages.  I actually saw this Obamacare  ‘monstrosity’  when Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA) brought it to our town hall meeting!

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Now Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel standing next to the paperwork that is Obamacare

Then, with Nancy Pelosi stating “ If you want to know what’s in the bill, you’ll have to pass it” , the Democrats passed the bill basically in the middle of the night without a single Republican vote!

In  2010, disgruntled and angry Americans gave Republicans control of the House of Representatives.  At any time after that, Republicans could have stopped Obamacare along with all the lawless behavior of the Democrats since the House had now been given 3 major powers…the power of oversight, the power of the purse and the power of impeachment.

However even after these 3 powerful checks were given to the Republican controlled House, they still refused to act!  These 3 powers were specifically given only to the House of Representatives and were designed to reign in an out of control government which is what they were dealing with…but, instead of using their new-found power…the  House Republicans just  said “We need the Senate”.

So, in 2014, increasingly frustrated Americans gave the Republicans control of the Senate as well as even more seats in the House of Representatives along with several more Republican governorships!

But, Republicans  still continued to refuse to use the newly increased powers which they had been given and were still trying to find a way to work with the Democrats who refused to budge  on anything!

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While the Republicans sat by and refused to act, the lawlessness of Obama’s Administration went unabated while our Constitution continued to be shredded along with the rights of the American People!   During his 8 year reign, Obama’s corrupt, lawless administration went after any and everybody who they felt threatened them, using the IRS and other federal agencies to target any opposition.  They focused their attention laser-like on the 3,500 Tea Parties that had sprung up across the country!

If, at any time, any Republican stood up and had the courage to challenge what was going on, he was mocked and derided as part of a ‘fringe’ element!

With the Republicans now controlling both Houses of Congress… they still failed to use the powerful tools our Founders gave them to reign in this lawless, out-of-control government in spite of the fact they now had all the necessary tools to stop this!

Instead, Republicans now insisted that “in order to get things done” they needed the presidency!

So, in the 2016 election, Americans turned out in droves and gave the Republicans the Presidency.  To this day,  however the Republicans continue to act like they “lost” the election and seem fearful and unwilling  to do anything that might portray them in a possibly bad light.

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American citizens went to the polls in unprecedented numbers giving  Republicans  all the power they said they needed …but, unlike the Democrats,  Republicans are still fearful of  making any waves!  Just the thought of being possibly “blamed” for anything seems to absolutely terrify them.

Now, with another budget looming in the near future, spineless Republicans will probably cave-in once again to the Democrats’ demands… because of the threat of a budget showdown!

Afraid they will be blamed for any government shutdown, the Republicans will probably just shy away from making necessary budgetary cuts out of fear of being blamed for something which the Democrats would actually be causing!

Since Republicans are always giving in, it seems like bipartisanship and compromise only works for the Democrats!


Carol Byers

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