The Electoral College Determined Hillary Clinton Unfit to Run

We’ve been listening to the mainstream media tell us over and over how 30+ electoral college electors are going to vote against Trump, and how if even one does this proves that he is unfit to be President. Confidence from dishonest and ignorant Harvard Professors, pushing from Michael Moore, speculation from CNNUSAToday, and BusinessInsider, encouragement from The Failing NYT, “hope” from Politico–these just to name a few. (Daytime Television, Congressmen, all the hacks in the land.)

“Hamilton” (who had some very cultural-nationalistic things to say about immigrants) “helped set up a system to keep us from having such an unfit man to serve as President,” we were told.

What really happened

Well, now that the votes have been counted, it turns out that Hillary Clinton broke a hundred plus year record for faithless electors. These electors voted against her even though they were elected by her party and supposed to vote for her. Eight Democratic Electors declined to vote for Hillary. Two face jail-time for their refusal; one vote was ignored; five succeeded in voting for someone other than Hillary.

In fact, Hillary now holds the record for still-living Presidential Candidate to have eight electors representing her party refuse to vote for her.

One would expect the mainstream media to tell us all about how this disgrace proves that Hillary should never have been allowed to run in the first place. I wonder where they are on this.

Let’s take a look at the past; to see just how “unpresidented” her candidacy really was.

Present – 1960

Since 1960, only 8 electoral college voters defected from the behavior expected of them. Yesterday that number was more than doubled in one day.

Of the other times that an elector changed their vote in the last eight score; never did two do so in the same election.

In 2004, one elector, perhaps accidentally, cast a vote for democratic VP candidate John Edwards for both President and for VP. Four years earlier an elector from DC declined to cast any vote to make a statement about representation (or lack thereof) in DC. A dozen years earlier still, a democratic elector in West Virginia switched her VP and Presidential votes in order to draw attention to the way the electoral college works. No one joined her in this exercise.

The most recent time in American history when an elector chose to change their vote to make a political statement about who should actually run was in 1976. Republican elector Mike Padden from WA voted for Ronald Reagan (who had lost in the Republican Primaries that year) instead of Gerald Ford for President.

It seems the Republicans are more likely to change their votes for principled reasons and not just to draw attention to other political issues. In 1972 a republican elector from VA; pledged to support the Republican nominee, Nixon; instead voted for the Libertarian candidate, John Hospers.

In 1968, another Republican elector chose not to vote for Nixon; instead casting his vote for the candidate from the Independence Party. This elector cited Nixon’s appointment of Kissinger as one of the reasons he could not bring himself to cast a vote for him.

Nothing in this era compares to the 8 electors who refused to vote for Hillary in 2016.

This brings us to the 1960s – 1864

A third Republican elector in 1960 also could not stand the idea of voting for Nixon. Oklahoma Republican Elector Henry D. Irwin sent telegrams to other electors, Democrats and Republicans, to try to convince them all to vote for someone other than Nixon or Kennedy. Six other electors joined him in voting for Sen Byrd instead of the candidate they were supposed to (Kennedy).

1956, one Democratic Elector refused to vote for the Democratic Candidate.

The Democratic Party split in the heat of the 1948 election cycle. Even so, only one Democratic elector refused to follow party lines.

1912 is the year that something comparable to Hillary’s humiliation happened. Sort of. Eight Republican electors refused to vote for their party’s Vice Presidential candidate. Their reasoning was that since he had died before they could meet to uphold the results of the election, there was little point in maintaining loyalty to him.

Still Hillary’s record of faithless electors who turned against her is unbroken. No living candidate has had anywhere near 8 electoral voters turn faithless against them in this way. No Presidential candidate, either.

1896 — Four Electoral College voters in states where the People’s Party Bryan/Watson ticket won instead cast their votes for the Democratic Party’s Bryan/Sewall ticket. Again, changing their votes for VP not President.

1872 — First time faithless electors passed the double digit barrier. The Democrats had 66 Electoral College Voters. 63 refused to cast their votes for the Democratic candidate. Their reasoning was that since he had died before they could meet and vote… you know the story.


1864 brought us the invention of “Tickets.” Before this date the Vice President was the runner up in the Presidential race. Electors seem much more willing to defect on their votes for VP than for President. This is important because an argument can be made that an elector who defects on an obvious runner up in the pre-1964 Presidential elections was really defecting on the VP instead of the President.

In 1836, 23 Democratic Electors refused to vote for their party’s VP candidate. It seems even the obvious corruption of Hillary Clinton does not upset the Democrats quite as much as the rumor that a white man once set up housekeeping with an African American woman.

1832 – Two National Republican Party electors abstained from supporting their candidate for President. Thirty Democratic Electors refused to support their Vice Presidential candidate in PA.

1828 – Seven Democratic Electoral College voters refused to support their VP candidate.

1820 – William Plummer thought that only George Washington should ever be elected unanimously. For this reason he changed his Democratic-Republican vote from Monroe to Adams. This despite the fact that Adams was not running that year.

1812 – Three Federalists refused to support their VP candidate and voted for the Democratic-Republican VP candidate instead. (The party system, once in place, established the idea of Presidents running with VP mates, but the official process of running as a ticket did not begin until later.)

1808 – Six Democratic-Republican Electors refused to support their Presidential Candidate, James Madison.

1796 – Samuel Miles was the first Elector to break faith.

Quite the History

1808 was the only time in the history of the Electoral College when something comparable to the defection of Hillary’s eight faithless electors took place. She now holds the record for still living Presidential Candidate to have eight electors representing her party refuse to vote for her.

You would think the mainstream media would have covered this more.



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