“Calling B.S., Patriots”
Fourth in a series about Birth to 3rd Grade Education

Lynne M. Taylor
Patriot Institute

My fellow Patriots, in this latest installment of my tracking the shift in education to encircle our babies (from birth to 3rd grade), I want to take a few moments to declare “B.S.” on those who are in charge of this age group. At least in my State (North Carolina). Why? If you’ve not been following my trail about the recent moves to create a streamlined education for our tiniest citizens, I urge you to go back, take a little bit, and learn about WHY this grab for our babies is SO worth fighting.

Part One showed you how words from the 1980s predicting a shift to CBE (Competency Based Education) would have our babies aligned and confined to a pattern NOT of the family’s choosing.
Part Two showed you how other States across the U.S. are also aligning babies to the CBE.
Part Three gave you the notes and archived audio version of the meeting. From my full-time blog, this recent article also drew your attention to the vast amount of double speak from the NC DPI.

Why all this matters: Patriots, plainly stated, the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) embedded the ‘universal preschool’. Part of preschool involves very young Americans.

So, how in the name of all that’s holy did things go from Pre-K to babies just born?! Plainly stated, the CCSS Machine’s (Common Core State Standards Machine’s) research on early education! (*Note: you can open the below image in a separate screen to view it in a larger print.)

Patriots, let me pause to state that while Rasmussen College is a private college, a quick look at their Leadership Team does show a definite trail of CCSS Machine member groups like Concordia University, Student Success Centers (which are tied to the Jobs for the Future), and, Arizona State University.

An Email:
, look below, I want you to see what an outrageous ‘answer’ I got to a very important question:

(If you cannot read the email, basically I was asking for a specific definition for ‘outcomes’ and ‘outputs’ when it comes to birth to 3rd graders. The answer? NC’s DPI has no specific definition!)

However, contrast that fact with what you see below, also from the NC DPI:

(If you cannot read the highlighted box, “Vision Statement:  Every public school student, through access to needed resources and rigor, will graduate ready for post-secondary education and work, prepared to be a globally engaged and productive citizen.” Directly below the ‘vision’ statement, is the NC DPI’s State Board of Education mission. That mission? Basically, to use it NC Constitutionally given power to make the vision a reality.)

Enter, President Spellings:

Patriots, maybe you remember Margaret Spellings from her days as the U.S. Secretary of Education. Did you know she now is the President of the UNC (University of NC) System? That’s right.

What you won’t see ‘advertised’ is her sold out attitude to upholding the CCSS Machine’s grasp on education reform. You will see her ‘advertise’, however, how badly we all need to streamline education from birth to college and/or careers. Her recent statement to the NC Joint Committee for overseeing education reveals a new initiative called “MyFutureNC”. What will this new initiative accomplish?

(Among the most important items for MyFutureNC is ‘kindergarten readiness’, third grade literacy, and aligning it all to CBE as well as CCR, College and Career Readiness.)

Patriots, this may be WHY there isn’t a set in stone ‘student outcome’ definition for the B3 Council, at least from what evidence we have before us. The benchmarks for it haven’t been set. The MyFutureNC will set them!! If you’d like to learn more about TN’s “Drive to 55” (Spellings referred to that program as a roaring success NC will glean from), visit their website.

Helping MyFutureNC get off the ground? The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (among other CCSS Machine member groups).

MyFutureNC is working with NC based MDC (formerly Manpower Development Corporation). MDC has other education projects all over the nation and has many CCSS Machine member groups involved (example: Lumina) as well.

So, just where can we find what ‘outcomes’ mean for our littlest learners (aka: children)? I did find some subjective CCSS Machine ‘research’ stating that the need for ‘outcomes’ in children too young for Kindergarten is fairly new as well as assessment driven. This means testing..lots and lots of testing..our babies..for ‘school’ readiness.

Every child in this age group needs play time, exploring nature with Mom and Dad, snuggle time, storybooks, and just ‘being’ and growing. Patriots, we MUST not allow our little children to become part of the CCSS Machine’s systematic alignment!

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