The Patriot Institute is proud and honored to have such a august staff of political columnists and political analyst writing on Politics and Current Events . Our writers provide in-depth analysis and commentary on the most relevant and sometime controversial topics of the day.

The Patriot Institute’s political columnists are the best. Already accomplished in their fields, they bring an absolute astounding array of professional and personal experience to bear in their work. We count grassroots activists, religious leaders, radio talk show host, former Congressional candidates and retired military officers among our ranks. Their varied backgrounds results in a wide range of perspectives for our readers.

Dismissed Educator+

Dismissed Educator

Baker’s Dozen: Education Style+

Baker’s Dozen: Education Style

It’s A Slam Dunk!+

It’s A Slam Dunk!

Higher Education Gets A Makeover+

Higher Education Gets A Makeover

OGP in Education?+

OGP in Education?

Calling B.S., Patriots+

Calling B.S., Patriots

Ed’s Shakedown+

Ed’s Shakedown


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