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In my book, Dear God, Where Is My Justice, I wrote an entire chapter regarding the issues of child exploitation in the West including the issue of child human and sex-trafficking. I identified both the root causes of the problem as well as the solutions to each. Part of that “root” that I identified was the problem of our media greatly ignores child sex-trafiicking.
I’m raising awareness in this issue in this week’s article regarding sex-trafficking and sexual predators because of the recent revelation of Hollywood fame, Harvey Weinstein being a sexual predator. If any of you are paying attention to the news the past few days, we are all finding out and hearing some of the deep-dark secrets that Hollywood actors have known about & kept hidden for years. Make no mistake about it, what we are now hearing about regarding Weinstein and his sexual deviant behavior is only the very tip of the iceberg so-to-speak regarding the deviant sexual behavior, not only in Hollywood, but all also across America as well.
You may or may not be so inclined to read my profile information here on my Patriot Institute profile page, but had you read it already, you would be aware that my ministry is involved in rescuing children in the Philippines from human and child sex-trafficking. I will tell you, I have come to learn quite a lot regarding not only how sex-traffickers operate there in Asia, but also in the West as well. After all, the Philippines is considered part of the “Pedophile Triangle” where pedophiles from the West visit various Asian countries and make arrangement to have sex with children. Unfortunately for the children, it is often the parents of the children who make the arrangements to pimp their children to Westerners. I have found that children have been as young as only one month-old who can be described as nothing short of being raped!
Sex, Sex Trafficking, Human Trafficking, The Patriot Institute

Paul Waldmiller on mission in the Philippines

In Hollywood and other areas (not limited to)such as Miami, Houston, Seattle and New York City, there are literally thousands of sexual predators on the prowl on a daily basis. On the so called “Dark Web”, you will find endless pages of pornography including child pornography, children who are offered up for sale, not only for sex but also as sex slaves. Understand, if you are willing, just as there are thousands of sexual predators living in America, there are also thousands of children here that are being pimped out for sex and or, as sex-slaves.

You may be asking why you haven’t heard very much about child sex-trafficking before or up to now, especially in the media. If this is you, it’s not your fault. There is a purposeful cover-up of child sex-trafficking by both via the media in the West(including the USA) and our (U.S.) Government’s. The media, including so called “Conservative” and “Republican” media outlets all cover up for sexual predators and sex-traffickers because they know once they really open-up what is truly happening to children and who is involved in the sex-trafficking of these kids, the friends, their pals, the Conservative and Republican media voices will have no choice but to expose them(by name) as well. Believe me, “Conservative” and “Republican media talk show personalities dread the thought that they will need to do the unthinkable, that is, no longer be silent about what they believe no-one should talk about, that is, the many judges, lawyers, police, Child Protective Services workers, Domestic Violence Program agents and others like them that will all need to be exposed for what and why they really are, child sex-traffickers and pimps. The worst part is, these purposefully unreported sexual deviants and pimps are also stealing Billions of your hard-earned tax dollars doing it and the “Conservative” and “Republican” politicians know about all this and give the tax money anyway!
The media knows, the government and their courts all know what is occurring but say nothing. Money for “Cash For Kids” schemes go on daily in our courts and police stations. Hollywood is also chock full of sexual deviants and pedophiles. Don’t believe me? Child actor Cory Feldman has been exposing the sexual predators and pedophiles in Hollywood, but very few in the Main Stream Media has (or are willing)picked up on his stories giving names and details regarding these monsters. Not even Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and other so called “Conservative” media giants dare to speak about Cory being sodomized by Hollywood pedophiles and the Hollywood Pedophile ring or the many, many Government run pedophile rings here across America. Why? Again, because they know it will be their so called “friends” that will be implicated. Not only that, they know just like the murdering of former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer and Documentary Film Producer Bill Bowen, if they open their mouths and speak against these politically and financially powerful pedophiles/child sex-traffickers, they too will end-up dead, murdered(ever wonder why you don’t hear about the murder of Seth Rich anymore???).
sex, sex trafficking, human trafficking, child abuse, sex slaves, sex slavery
For me, I have nothing to lose by writing this article exposing the child sex-traffickers. When I was victimized by an illegal alien here in the (New York State)U.S., I not exposed her, I also exposed the judges, lawyers, cops, domestic violence program agents, & child protective services workers all abetting her and simultaneously stealing our tax money from our U.S. Government in doing so. For my exposing their corruption and unlawful acts, I had a City of Batavia, NY Cop threaten to murder me. These same criminals took my children, house, all my personal property and gave all to the illegal alien. They did so to intimidate me from exposing them further in their sick and perverted crimes. I made up my mind a long time ago however. I will continue to share on this subject and of the heinous acts like them that not only plague children, but plague our America as well. My hope is that you will do the same, expose the evil and evil people around you. Let’s get our children and families back from these evil monsters. Expose and rid our world of sexual predators like Weinstein and the evil media and Government/Courts that support them.
Paul Waldmiller
Black Robe Regiment Pastor


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