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When our Founding Fathers first came together, their goal was to form a Government which was by the people and for the people, meaning that we all have a voice. The Declaration of Independence was their first official JOURNAL declaring their willingness to fight against a tyrannical government. The United States Constitution being their second JOURNAL, to lead and guide all future generations on the path of achieving and maintaining true Freedom and Liberty. Although this was not an easy task to accomplish, it was accomplished because of not only the Black robe regiment, ( the clergy who preached for the cause of Freedom), but by the writings of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams, John Adams and George Washington, just to name a few. Their words were fearless and for all who heard them, helped give birth to a fledgling nation. There is no other reason why the right to free speech was listed as the first item in the Bill of Rights and the right to keep and bear arms was listed as the second, in order to protect the first.

Now, over the course of time, main stream journalism has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise, where those who simply read the narration and talking points given to them by the government, on the nightly news, seek to squelch the voices of the citizen journalists, through regulation and the push for political correctness. They have left most Americans with the feeling that they are being lied to on a daily basis,(which most of the time, they are). It was nice to see that citizen journalists, via Stars and Stripes magazine, held NBC anchor Brian Williams’ feet to the fire about the BIG lie that he told about his trip to Iraq. The main stream media has omitted any and all TRUTH about Barack Hussein Obama, where he came from and where he is leading America. It will be up to the citizen journalists to do the research, and present the FACTS.

journalism, Journalists, Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Freedom, liberty

My point is this, our Founding Fathers guaranteed each and every one of us a voice in the execution of our government. For us to remain silent will only lead to our own demise as a free people. Tyranny is achieved when good people do nothing. Take a good look around you my fellow Americans. Are we still living in the country that our Founders envisioned? We must find our still small voice and exercise it LOUDLY if we are ever to get America back onto the path of righteousness. One great nation, one loud voice! The time is now to call out and stand in one accord against all un-righteousness and together, we will guarantee Freedom and Liberty for generations to come.

As always fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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