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CNN descends into a bottomless pit. That is what happens when a news organization goes on a political mission. Ninety three per cent of its coverage of Trump's Administration is negative. They are hell bent on promoting opposition. They are in a free fall. Three of their 'so called' journalists have resigned for engaging in FAKERY. It is becoming a total mess. PROJECT VERITAS exposes a CNN producer who admits that the Trump collusion with Russia is indeed baseless. He says that everyone on CNN knows it was BS!

They are in a complete meltdown and nowhere is that more evident than with each and every Jim Acosta tantrum. If this grandstanding, lowlife POS keeps this up he may very well wind up in a sanitarium. He and Sean Spicer barely get along due to Acosta's shouting and bullying. CNN is being thoroughly exposed for the fraud that they are. That's what our DON is surely tweeting. The tide has certainly turned for our President. Through all of this badgering from his avowed enemy he has refused to back down. As they say THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. Truth is something that CNN cares little about. To them it's all about FAKERY.

Hear the words of Jeffrey Zucker, "Viewers trust CNN more than ever!!" Methinks that this POS is out of his damn mind. He and his disgusting station will, we know doubt find, languish in the cesspool of lies and mistruths forever and ever. Calling for him to resign as Hannity did on his show won't penetrate that ugly bald head of Zucker. That is not to be. He'll continue to peddle this garbage. Such a reprehensible good for nothing is he!

Such is the sorry state of this politically driven agenda of the Fourth Estate. It reaches lows never heretofore seen. These cretins actually call what they do journalism. Methinks not. Me calls it for what it is: UTTERLY OBSCENE. The pendulum swings back and forth with these people who take themselves so seriously. When a Democrat Administration takes power the media adjusts their knee pads ready to do some heavy duty slobbering. Not so when the GOP gets in. What you'll see them do is non stop clobbering! Its always been like this but not quite to this extent. All gloves are off this time. A WAR has been declared on our President.

Joe Esposito

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