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NOW LET ME get this; Comey did not feel that he needed to document Obama because he thinks Obama could be counted on to tell the truth. Of Course he did not document Hillary, we know she was truthful. right? Yet Comey allowed the WHOLE WORLD to think Trump was being investigated and until now refused TO TELL THE WORLD HE WAS NOT.

Now what would have happened if he held something like that over the Obama administration? People cannot claim that he could not have told the world, because he is now. He allowed it to fester for Months. Since everyone thinks he is so great SURELY he knew the effect that false narrative was having.

The IDEA he is testifying that he could not correct the MEDIA is false. He is correcting them now and CNN is apologizing. He could have done it then. Think about it. Is not this the real reason he took notes on Trump? He knew the effect his none action was having on this administration. He is the one that could have been using it for LEVERAGE.

And now listen to him. All of the, “I believes, I thinks and it maybe(s)” are INTENDED to keep the speculations going of some seeming evil by Trump. Comey is manipulating this matter to get back at Trump, even though Trump has done nothing in this matter that was not in his authorized power.

He is playing the victim. He has orchestrated this. And he still is teaming with democrats to first say the President never asked me to do wrong BUT you can assume he did. And every time the democrats say, he asked you to stop the investigation he will go along. This is what I predicted.

LISTEN to him, he is claiming that he felt that he could not tell the public that Trump was not under investigation, THEN WHY IS HE DOING IT NOW? He is Lying and scheming. If he could do it now, he could have done it then. After all that was what was hurting the administration and Comey knew it. If it had been wrong for him to tell the public then, it would still be wrong now.

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