These bills are toxic, Patriots. They all sacrifice our freedoms of privacy, right to happiness, choice of how we live OUR lives to the fullest of what WE desire, and more.

Congress’s “Evil Sister” Bills: In-Depth
A follow-up article to “Sister Bills”

Lynne M. Taylor
December 8, 2017

My fellow Patriots, in my last article I revealed what ‘sister bills’ are. The ones I featured are from a federal level. I’m sure you could look in your State government and find ‘sisters’ there. Typically, ‘sister bills’ are present when BOTH Chambers have an issue they support. When it comes to education, however, it isn’t so much an agreed upon issue, as it appears to be an agreed upon agenda.

In the original article, I also shared that I had found a few sets of ‘sisters’ we’d take a look at in the coming days. For the remainder of this article, I’ll reveal to you some of the ‘evil*’ content embedded in these bills. Most of the ‘sisters’ I’ve found, so far, are ‘twins’. Think ‘identical twins’.

*Why do I use ‘evil’?
Patriots, if you recall, from my research, Congress is more concerned with a global alliance and economy as the ‘end game’ for America’s students.  By Congress’s involvement it is pure ‘evil’ from a patriotic viewpoint.

In no particular order, here are the most recent (Congress is in its 115th Session, 2017-18) ‘sister’ bills we should be watching and blocking.

HR 2140 and S 25; “Right Start Child Care and Education Act of 2017” {both are 8 pages long}
*Both of these amend the IRS tax codes for employers who have on-site child care or child care directly associated with place of employment. Among the ramifications, is the fact those seeking teaching degrees will be incentivized to earn early child education credentials and serve at least 1,200 hours. Patriots, if you have followed my full-time blog, you’ll know ALL teaching degrees are tied to the CCSS Machine. ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) is especially cruel to teachers.
**Patriots, if you’re thinking federal overreach escapes taxpayer funds, please re-consider.

HR 2308 and S 1501; “SHOP CLASS Act” (21st Century Strengthening Hands-on Programs That Cultivate Learning Approaches for Successful Students Act) {both are 4 pages long}
*Patriots, just by the title of these ‘sisters’ we can tell this is absolutely slam full of workforce based education, NOT academics! These amend the Perkins Career Technical Education Act of 2006. The huge red flags of global workforce shifting can be found with the 2 phrases, ‘maker education’ and ‘makerspaces’. If you’ve not heard these phrases, the first refers to hands-on learning approaches (in CCSS Machine language that’s skill based training); the second refers to entire community wide spaces with access to workforce training.
**Patriots, I’ll be writing more about this set of evil twins, so look for more in-depth fact based research.

HR 1719 and S 718; “Making Education  Affordable Act” {both are 6 pages long}
*These twins amend the HEA (Higher Education Act). Patriots, the huge connection to the CCSS Machine and HEA can be found in one U.S. Senator, Lamar Alexander. In fact, when ESSA was passed into law, it was out of Sen. Alexander’s mouth that we heard him brag that HEA was ‘next’. Patriots, this means that the LAST link in the chain of cradle to grave workforce (United Nations driven) alignment! This is totally un-American in nature!
**Patriots, this set of twins will be written more in-depth about as well. There are huge mandates for States and students within the 6 pages.

HR 719 and S 221; “A PLUS Act” (Academic Partnerships Lead Us to Success Act) {both are 10 pages long}
*Patriots, this pair of ‘sisters’ is truly wicked to the bone. States, one more time, will be submissive to the U.S. Dept. of Education, NOT less! Targets privately educated students, low-income, disadvantaged, and, special needs students. Supposedly forces schools to answer to taxpayers and parents. Expansion of federally led ‘education’ programs tied to assessments for competency based education. Most certainly will include all the data tracking and data mining we’ve discovered Congress is addicted to and ‘pimping out’ to countless entities. Patriots, do you see the vast amount of un-Constitutionally within these 2 Bills? (*Note: Patriots, some form of “A Plus” has been in the Congressional system since 2007.)

**Patriots, the danger of these wicked ‘sisters’ is that conservative groups like Heritage Foundation and FreedomWorks are in SUPPORT of this. All their focus in on the fallacy of ‘state led’ control of education.
It appears these groups don’t give a ‘patriotic damn’ about the REST of the agenda that negates ‘local control’.


HR 2305 {22 pages long} and S 648 {8 pages long}; “Computer Science in STEM Act of 2017”
*Patriots, the ‘sistership’ of these two is quite simply awful. In the House’s version, 14 States are championed, while all the others are blamed. HR 2305 also requires the U.S. Dept. of Education to award State Grants (taxpayer money) for the specific mandate to ‘beef up’ computer time for students. (as if they aren’t tied to computers enough already)
The mandates keep coming, though, Patriots. The language of 2305 also dictates what curriculum is to be used, what related activities must be included, and what groups must be involved in each. This not only amends ESSA (what, really? Already?!), but the National Science Foundation Act of 2002.
Think that’s all? Hardly. There’s alignment for teachers; behavior modifications for students; forcible actions for low-performing schools; applies CBE (competency based education) benchmarks for all schools; gives the U.S. Dept. of Education more power to involve businesses and corporations in regional skill based education, and SO much more. Meanwhile, the Senate’s will force documented proof of skill needs from local and regional employers! Patriots, do ANY of these promote ‘the land of the free and home of the brave’?!
**Patriots, I’ll be writing more about this wickedness, soon.

HR 3316 and S 1968; “Code Like a Girl Act” {both are 11 pages long}
*Patriots, once again, our federal government is tipping the gender bias scales with the twins found here. These two will be the NSF (National Science Foundation) in the ‘driver’s seat’ in computer based education. Patriots, the NSF is a global sellout to the United Nations as well as the CCSS Machine. NSF also receives huge amounts of taxpayer money. Back in 2015, I exposed some of the egregious activities by the NSF in American education.
These ‘sisters’ also reduce our students to the horrible term of ‘human capital’. Page 5 of HR 3316 actually uses the phrase ‘implicit bias’ for our students. This overreaching set of agenda-driven bills also go as far as to dictate how classroom decorations should be; what textbooks and learning materials are used; what seating arrangements are used in the classroom; gender composition in group activities; develop and assess any interventions used in all Pre-K through 12th grades, and, more! S 1968 is a carbon copy.
This is a look at S 1968’s Page 3:
**Patriots, expect a follow-up for HR3316 and S 1968.

HR 2727 {42 pages long} and S 458 {38 pages long}; “NEST Act” (Native Educator Support and Training Act of  2017)
*Patriots, I exposed the alignment in HR 2727 via the CCSS Machine and the U.S. Government for the Native Americans earlier this year. To put it bluntly, it’s absolutely criminal that in 2017 (almost 2018), the mistreatment continues. These 2 ‘sisters’ will continue to force alignment to globally led workforce education via teacher training and impacts EVERY school funded by the BIE (Bureau of Indian Education) and the U.S. Dept. of Education. Federal funds received by LEAs and SEAs (local education agencies/state education agencies) are mandated for use.
** Patriots, you know there’ll be even more constraints placed on all education choices and groups. Sadly, this includes the original American citizens.

HR 3636 and S 1694; “Educator Preparation Reform Act” {both are  52 pages long}
*Patriots, this set also amends the HEA. Supposedly for improving teacher accountability and quality. (Patriots, think MORE data tracking of these leaders.) Teachers will also be required to track their students even more than ever as a result of these ‘sisters’. Targets rural education or small communities. Also targets low-income and low-performing areas. These sisters involve a tremendous amount of training and re-training for instructional and behavior interventions. Patriots, the danger of this is simple: ESSA gave a huge increase in power and authority over education to the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. The Budget for the entire nation also gave a huge increase in funding for HHS to expressly ‘beef up’ behavior interventions in education. These ‘sisters’ amend the amount of P3 (public private partners) in education. Thanks to ESSA, P3s were given a huge increase in power for educational alignment.
**Patriots, these 52 page Bills pack more of a punch, so look for a follow-up.


The “Hiding-in-Plain-Sight” ‘Step-sister’ Bills:

HR 2353 and S 795; 2353’s name is “Strengthening Career Tech Education for the 21st Century Act”; 795’s name is “Workforce Advance Act”.   Back in June 2017, I wrote about HR 2353 and how it was a ‘recycled’ bill from a previous Congressional Session. Currently, HR 2353 has passed on approval by the House and is in the Senate’s hands.

Back in May 2017, I revealed not only S 795, but quite a few other bicameral, bipartisan ‘sister’ bills.

These bills are toxic, Patriots. They all sacrifice our freedoms of privacy, right to happiness, choice of how we live OUR lives to the fullest of what WE desire, and more.

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  1. Karen Bracken 2 years ago

    There is also the PROSPER bill which is going to mark-up on Tuesday (Dec. 12). There is no TWIN SISTER bill yet but we need to watch this bill. This bill will, among other things, ensure CBE and workforce training. Understand the goal with education is to peg kids as early as 2nd grade to either college or career. If career they will be “guided” to a career and training will begin. These kids will get only the education/training they need to fill the requirements of the selected career path. Remember the words of Arne Duncan when he said, the day will come when we can look at a 2nd grader and know if they will go to college or not. This statement should scare the heck out of parents. Not only for your own children but for your grandchildren and your great grandchildren. How do you think they plan to do this. Perhaps HR4174 (federal data base of ALL personal information on ALL Americans) that was recently passed in the House and is now in the Senate (S2046) that will allow a dossier to be created the moment a mother is confirmed pregnant. Understand education is no longer about academics. It is now all about developing human capital (assessing value and worth) for the global planned economy. We need to put a stop to it now before it gets so far gone it cannot be stopped. Future generations will be nothing more than adult breeders and obedient slaves. Call your US Senators and let them know we want them to vote NO for S2046. If the bill passes the Senate we are going to our President for a veto. We have him recorded promising to end data mining. Well he now needs to put his money where his mouth is. Hers is some information on HR4508 the PROSPER Act.

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