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The Constitution was written for a simple purpose and with well thought out reason. Our Founding Fathers well knew the nature of any and all unchecked bodies of government would soon shed their duty to serve the people in favor making the people their subjects whom they could control and restrict their liberty.

Our constitutionally formed representative republic is not a democracy but a form of government whereby the will of the majority of the people becomes the law and the standards by which we choose to live under. I am sick and tired of elected officials, appointed officials, candidates for elective office and members of the judiciary referring to our nation’s system of government as a democracy, Democracy is best defined as “mob rule.” What they really are saying is that we are the mob and we rule you.

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Democracy is five wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner. America is a Constitutional republic.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it give the courts the duty nor the right to subvert the will of the people. No where does it give Congress the right to enact laws which violate our God given liberty and freedoms. No where in the constitution does it give a president the right to oppose the will of the people and ignore the constitution and the citizens he took the oath to protect. I hate politicians who say that OUR CONSTITUTION can be interpreted by”legal precedence. That means that a judge, not elected by the people, can use statutory laws, those passed by well after OUR CONSTITUTION was written and ratified by the original thirteen states to alter or interpret the meaning or the alteration of what was written and duly ratified. The ONLY constitutional way to alter any part of this great document is by amendment. The courts up to and including the US Supreme Court were never given the authority to alter it by judicial fiat.

Several of these violations of their authority readily come to mind. The 1962 decision to force the removal of Bibles form our schools. The forced busing of students in 1971 in an attempt to force racial equality in public schools NOT under the purview and thus the legal control at the federal level of government. The most recent is the forcing of our citizens at every level of government to force the acceptance of homosexual marriages. None of these edicts meet the constitutional authority of the federal government’s limited enumerated duty. Furthermore, the only body of government that can create law is the legislative branch. Ignorance of our elected officials, ignorance of appointed officials is never allowed. We are constantly told by our courts that ignorance of any law is not a valid defense.

Constitution, US Constitution, Patriot Institute, Institute, Constitutional Duties, Michael Bowman

Can we expect future generations to lead the country when they can’t even read a book?

This has happened because the people have failed to perform their own duties of citizenship. To be well educated by their own means. To be well informed of the actions of their elected servants and to hold them all to their individual and corporate oaths to be our servants. Only
IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE ALL LIBERTY IS FORFEITED. It is time to remove and replace any and all who violate US and their oaths to US.

By Michael Bowman
Patriot Institute Contributing Columnist

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