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The IRS has no right to dictate what churches can or cannot say. We have a rogue judiciary who are supported by lawyers who ignore the Constitution in favor of legal precedence.

The same legal precedence that is nowhere to be found with Our Constitution. There is also no separation of “Church and State” clause anywhere to be found within Our Constitution.

For the many of US who have bothered to read the Constitution, we know that it was written as a stand alone document. This means that there is ABSOLUTELY no interpretation of Our Constitution required. It speaks clearly for itself. It was written in ordinary English so that all that were educated could both read and understand it.

The only separation clause that I have found referenced at all does not lie in a Founding Document but is found in a letter to the Danbury Baptists which has no legal bearing or authority to try and declare it an intent of the Constitution. This is a power grab through and by the legal industry. Contrary to a young man who tried to tell me that the constitution can only be interpreted by a Harvard Law School graduate, it was written to be understood. Understand that it was not a document written overnight..

Constitution, IRS, Power, Government Power, Michael Bowman, The Patriot Institute

This means that if it is not addressed specifically in the document as a right or a power or duty of the federal government, it becomes a peoples or state’s rights issue. There has been over many years a gross violation of federal authority by Congress, the Executive Branch and the Judiciary. We are constantly bombarded with the statement, “We are a nation of laws.” The truth is that we are a representative Republic, meaning the individual person is sovereign and our founding laws are laws that limit the rights, power and authority of the federal government. They have wholly depended on the ignorance and compliance of the Sovereign States and “We The People” who were and still are the creators of the Federal Government. They have further relied on the ignorance of “We The People” who really are the true and legal masters of Our Government at all levels. Our constitution was written and wholly intended for the federal government to be the least intrusive governmental body in our nation

Unless or until we demand that it all be stopped and we still have that authority, the abuse will NOT stop and indeed it will only get worse. What are our remedies you may ask? You must read and gain a full understanding all of our Founding Documents for yourself. You must become involved in all aspects of selecting and then electing servants whom you can trust to do YOUR will while in session no matter what level of government they are elected to serve in.

All thirteen of the original colonies had people sponsored differing Christian faiths. Several of the colonies, well after the creation of United States of America actually gave tax money to the state sanctioned church. This is a little to NEVER taught undeniable truth of history in today’s court ordered secular public schools. This WAS the reason why the freedom OF religion clause was made part of our US Constitution. All of the original states had people sponsored Christian denominations and because of those slight differences it was determined that there could not be an agreed upon national faith. How many have ever been taught this fact in Us History or government? I was first taught this while attending Whitby Grammar School in England in the mid 60’s. This was confirmed when I was also taught it in a college US History class. In the words of Paul Harvey, “Now you know the rest of the story!”

Our Constitution was well formed and created first to protect rights of the people in their individual states and then to address the common needs of these original thirteen states. In fact they also anticipated that in the future other states could be added to the union, so they conferred both the same rights and authority to any future states added to the union. In your individual state of residence you must demand that your state officers do their constitutional duties of keeping the federal government in check. Your sitting US Senators’ oath of office still make them responsible for putting your state’s sovereignty superior to federal wants and desires. In fact even though they are now elected by popular vote they have never been legally released from the authority of your state legislature. You must no longer rely on any political parties choosing acceptable candidates for you to vote based on their wants as a party. Healthy government and healthy political parties must be under the power and control of the citizens at the local grassroots levels.

Constitution, US Constitution, Legal Document, States Rights, IRS Power, Government Power, Michael Bowman, The Patriot Institute

This is not a one or two election duty. This is a duty and requirement of all citizens forever. This is the only way that all liberty and freedom can or will protected and preserved. Join US both at the Patriot Institute, and National Vote Out Incumbents, become part of reclaiming America for “We The People” as we first educate and unify the people and by that also create future candidates who well know their duties and allegiance.

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  1. Lawrence Carson 3 years ago

    Truth + Justice = Sovereign Liberty.

    “The truth … the whole truth … and nothing but the truth.” So hers’s the question … why are these words not been made manifest within the halls of the American Political $ystem?

  2. Indoctrination Nation 2 years ago

    The Bill of Rights was written etched in stone and ratified. Since the takeover of the monetary system in 1913 by the International Rothschild Bankster Cartel,which gave the Banksters control of our political system and thus politicians as well, our Bill of Rights has been subverted by those who wish to undermine it via “interpretation.” Those who seek to interpret our Bill of Rights,rather than obeying it to the letter, are treasonous criminals who know exactly what they are doing!

    This would include lawmakers as well as the SCOTUS! To them I say, if you need to interpret the Bill of Rights,just read it and if you have a problem with the dictum,pick up a Samuel Johnson Dictionary (Lexicon)and read their definitions and meanings of the words they used! Saying the Bill of Rights requires interpretation would be like telling Christians that their ten commandments required interpretation! You are criminal of the worst kind!

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