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The Constitution was written for a simple purpose and with well thought out reason. Our Founding Fathers well knew the nature of any and all unchecked bodies of government would soon shed their duty to serve the people in favor making the people their subjects whom they could control and restrict their liberty. Our Founding Fathers took a long time putting our Constitution and Bill of Rights in place. They spent countless hours prostrate in prayer over it. The Christian Bible gave US the framework for our liberty, constitution and liberty. These principles have served US well and will continue to US if we as a nation once again embrace our real and true roots.

Our constitutionally formed representative republic is not a democracy but a form of government whereby the will of the majority of the people becomes the law and the standards by which we choose to live under.

Constitution, Declaration of Indpendence, States Rights, Bill of Rights, Federal Power, Patriot Institute, Michael Bowman

The federal government and the courts are ignoring the Constitution

No where in the constitution does it give the courts the duty nor the right to subvert the will of the people. Nowhere does OUR Constitution give the courts give the courts or congress to ignore and bypass the only legal means of altering it, by the amendment process. The amendment process was intentionally designed to make alterations difficult to accomplish but more importantly to protect the people and their sovereign states. Nowhere does our constitution require that will of the minority super cede the will of the majority. No where does it give Congress the right to enact laws which violate our God given liberty and freedoms. No where in the constitution does it give a president the right to oppose the will of the people and ignore the constitution and the citizens he took the oath to protect.

This has happened because the people have failed to perform their own duties of citizenship. To be well educated by their own means. To be well informed of the actions of their elected servants and to hold them all to their individual and corporate oaths to be our servants.

IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE ALL LIBERTY IS FORFEITED. It is time to refuse to elect a president who has shown open disdain and who chooses to call our government a democracy and ignore that we are a Republic. It is time to remove and replace any and all who violate US and their oaths to US, regardless of their political party affiliation.

By Michael Bowman

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