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Read the image above several times. Take a minute or two and really reflect on what it says. Hopefully after you read the rest of this article, you will think about it further and maybe you will resolve to change your attitude and your need to be engaged.

Let’s address the second statement first. I will submit to you that the majority will be in nearly one hundred percent in agreement that you don’t want to be controlled. I will submit to you that the majority of this nation has really chosen to be controlled. I am speaking to you as you are reading this. You have chosen to be controlled because you have been sold on the method that controls you. It has become a subliminal response in your daily actions. You do not consciously think about it. You are thinking nope it is not me, I am mad as hell and I can’t take any more of this.

The problem is not me it is those Democrats say the Republicans. The Republicans are the real problem say the Democrats. To some degree both are correct and yet both are also wrong, very wrong.

Our natural human nature is one of wanting to be in control, free to pursue our lives in the way we desire to. We were that way as a nation over one hundred years ago. What has changed? Why have I become the problem? Why am I being controlled?
Answer those questions for yourself honestly and you can be on the path of freedom. The same freedom that made this nation great. The same freedom that hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world once came to our shores for. They came for opportunity, just a chance that if they worked hard and were smart with the fruits of their labors they could live a better life, they could give security to their loved ones.

The first statement reveals the problem. I hear this said everywhere I go. I listen to they guys at work complaining about both parties depending on which one they identify with. I hear it from my customers. I hear it from our senior adults, some whom can remember what freedom once was. Sadly the freedom they remember is a shadow of the freedom that was known by Americans well before they were even born. I describe the freedom I knew in my teens and twenties and they laugh at me. I have been told more than once that was not real freedom. They are right, as I am now in my sixties, I am finding myself lamenting at the freedom that has been not lost, but forfeited by us, “America Land of The Free.”

The first statement reflects a designed and desired acceptance of government taking full control of our lives. They depended on our apathy and we have not disappointed them. They have slowly sold us into the comfort of apathy. All was going well until one Barack Hussein Obama was elected president. He came into power with the drive to be the one to complete the theft of American Freedom. He is dangerously close.

How did they do this? Here is the sad reality, there is only one party, they have two divisions which work very well in the purpose wresting power and control of first the states, the majority of which have already fallen in line. Through the states they have worked at also gaining full control of the people as well. They are at least fifty percent successful today.

The first statement is the real problem. You have become apathetic and you have been derelict in your duty as an American citizen, A party is and never has been the method of government as as created by Our Founding Fathers, who did so with much prayer, seeking the wisdom of God. Your Unalienable rights were and still bestowed upon you by Our Creator.

A Representative Republic of which we are, was and still is designed to be a government that is controlled by you. Look into a mirror and you will see a citizen who is very much a part of the problem in Washington, DC, your state capitols and indeed in most of your city councils. The absence of you, closely connected to those whom you elect have and will continue to cost you more liberty and freedom.

Power is measured by control. It is simple, if you are not in control then you are under control. It is a decision that you have made by acceptance. It is a choice you have made by forfeit. If you no longer believe you have that power, you have resigned. Look at what the people in Egypt accomplished.

Control, Political Power, The Patriot Institute, Controlling Masses, Communism, Political

Citizens don’t realize their true power to control the government.

Restoring America begins with you. It will start with you, then your family and friends. Your local community will soon fall in place, then your county. Once enough states have reclaimed YOUR FREEDOM, you are the state government you reside in, you will reclaim your freedom and liberty. Once that is done you will reclaim YOUR NATION, YOUR FREEDOM, YOUR LIBERTY.
True power lies in you, your government was designed to be controlled from the citizen up and not from a party down. You are the most powerful asset in this nation when you DO your duty. Talk with your family, your close friends, your coworkers and those in your neighborhood. I believe that ultimately most Americans want the same things from life. They want less interference with inane government regulations. They want to see an end of bureaucratic red tape being created by too many lawyers being in the employ of government entities.

Liberty and freedom must first be a decision, then it must become a resolve and with that resolve much hard work is required with both purpose and focus. Our Representative Republic fails without the ever vigilant active engagement of the people. Our Founding Fathers warned US of this in many ways and many times. You must stop letting men take away and control the God given liberty and freedoms that were bestowed upon you in our Declaration of Independence. Be American, stand for your rights, others will join you. Every great movement in the history of this world has always started with one. Be that one!

By Michael Bowman
Patriot Institute Contributing Columnist

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