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There are rumors that there’s a “soft” coup-d-`etat being currently undertaken in an effort to undermine President Donald Trump’s presidency.

A coup-d`etat by definition is:

– a sudden and decisive action in politics…especially one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force.
– to overturn, upset
– a sudden appropriation of leadership or power; a takeover
– a sudden, illegal, violent seizure of power from a government

I hear increasing murmurs of an Obama Shadow Government which is organizing to impede, block and thwart every action President Trump attempts. Remember…too…there are still a large number of Obama operatives & sympathizers embedded within the Federal Government at all levels. They need to be purged out of President Trump’s Administration because they will sabotage him at every turn.

Then, there are also reports of 30,000 Obama supporters organizing and being trained to disrupt the Congressional Town Hall meetings across our country. This is happening now. Many of these are destructive agitators and paid disrupters which will be bused into wherever they are needed like the ones that showed up at every TRUMP RALLY causing riots, attacking & intimidating Trump supporters and generally wreaking havoc! The same bunch also showed up for the destructive, Leftist, OCCUPY WALL STREET riots and more recently at U.C. Berkeley riots in California where they shut down free speech and destroyed businesses setting them on fire, breaking plate glass windows and looting.

These paid agitators will be bused into wherever the radical leftists feel they can make an impact like they did in Ferguson, Mo. when Michael Brown was shot and again in Baltimore, Md. when Freddie Gray died.

By Obama’s continued silence on all these riots and his ongoing racial remarks…like “If I had a son…he would look like Travon Martin”….or “The police acted stupidly”… he has created the biggest racial divide in our country since the 1950’s while at the same time he also started the deadly WAR ON COPS!

Will we ever know the extent of the damage, destruction & trouble that Obama has wrought upon our country?

coup, agistators, protesters, George Soros, Carol Byers, The Patriot Institute

Well organized protesters with professionally made signs

I thought, mistakenly, that once Obama was out of office, that would be the end of it, but it appears that is not the case! Those of you who remember in past articles I pointed out that these radical, socialist LEFTISTS have literally worked decades to achieve the power they have. And, they are not going to go quietly into the night.

Unfortunately, we are now witnessing the LEFT’S angry refusal to accept the fact that all their socialist ideas were firmly repudiated and rejected at the ballot box on November 8!

We must continue to be vigilant and keep spreading the truth to counter all the lies out there because this is what reclaiming our country looks like and we must stay the course!

Carol Byers
Patriot Institute Contributor

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  1. Barbara Anderson 3 years ago

    You are so right. I am a grass root person. I fully support President Trump. I made up my mind in 1986 to would vote for Donald Trump when he got around to running for president. I waited a long time, then I got to vote for him. I have been well pleased with the moves and changes he has made. There was one person he chose to use that I had my doubts about, he has now corrected the problem or is working on it. We shall see. I had wished for a “Fire Side Chatt” time, from the President, as I am well aware of the ability of a journalist to slant what they write. It looks like we may get that soon. Yes, the President has a “mess to clean up,” I like that he choose that line to use, it is so common, we the people love him for it. I would like to help in “making America great again” in some small way, but I am too old to consider a job or else I would have in an application. Thank you for the above post.

  2. Jeremy Wales 3 years ago

    We must look through the veil to fully search for truth. The leftist(Nazis, socialists) are indeed waging a silent war on U.S. soil. I wish many more would recognize this simple fact. They are doing this, but not limited to the funding of minorities, and accepting refugees. We can clearly see these go hand-in-hand. I am really quite grateful for Trump, and his team to recognize these truths. Then, we have Obama…I don’t wish to dig this up at this time. Love to all

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