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Being basically THE MAN to find a compromise, Ted Cruz is likely on a do or die mission. Not to get a deal, but to get a real Free market deal, if it is still socialism, it will not work and HE WILL HAVE BEEN the one who either chose or was picked to take the possible hit. Neither would I, a Cruz supporter, NOR most any one else with a brain EVER trust Republicans to do what they say. Besides having all three branches is the best we could ever do for them, so I would be either looking to replace all the wrong voters or create or choose a new party.

The answer is simple in my mind and Cruz would kill two birds with one stone. Solve the health care problem with the tax cut.

I have gone into detail in discussion with Senator Cruz going back to the Primary. I know he is not President but here it is in a nutshell of a summary.

Set , let us say, something like a 5 year period, and do as God did when he brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, where each household was assigned land and told to work it. The Pilgrims had to lean this lesson. Only each person would have:

1. a Health account (Free to use it or not) But if other ever had to pay for them they get one and would have to pay what they could to pay back at least a portion.

2. Taxes would be funded or refunded to businesses, education entities, individuals or organizations according to every person that They train, educate, apprentice and help to be placed in a job.

Bill Sullivan, Cruz, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Healthcare, Trumpcare, Obamacare

The health care plan Ted Cruz promoted during the campaign 2016

3. Thus all these businesses and entities could first train for themselves at no cost then trade the person with new education; skills etc. and still get the tax break.

4. The Individual like a sports athlete would own their own skills, education, etc. and is ultimately in charge of any trade them to different businesses. But he or she could not continue to receive federal help except over a period of time.

5. The object is to get everyone off assistance, but would best be done in a way that NO ONE is taken or or assistance is cut unto their new jobs causes them to receive as much as they receive in assistance; But they pay taxes off their new job and after making as much as the average assistance receives with drop 1 dollar assistance for each 2 dollars they make with their new job.

These people will own their health accounts and are able to use some of the funds ever 2 or 3 years…and about 7 percent of the account funds can be used for catastrophic illnesses.

No preconditions are part of insurance. If some one needs help, instead of spending 100s of Billions, for a federal program, it could be used as a started account, that MAKES EVER PERSON careful to use the funds properly… Of course the States may want to work directly with the patient… Doctors and health facilitators would have to COMPETE for the individual patient and their doctors and not to please the Federal government.

AND HALF the problem of even talking about healthcare is solved, because not only are there few poor over time to to play emotional games with; but the individuals will LOVE the person putting this into the market place, where it will be taken care of properly. Everybody gains. And every able bodied person over a short time is out of the wagon and helping to pull. You could even give greater tax breaks according to need. I would simply say, do you want 50 more years of democrats who want you dependent or to be a newly skilled and educated people that is self sufficient, regardless of sex, age or race? OH YEAH these people would be able to buy their health care. They would have funds that many would have to compete to get, and healthcare would become like the I PHONE industry; with competition to see who can give the best, the fastest and most pleasing service. This along could end the need for what; a 150 agencies?


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