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The DEEP STATE strikes again. Another leak has found its way to the Washington Post regarding meetings with Jeff Sessions and the Russian Ambassador. It’s a renewed campaign against Trump officials. This DEEP STATE is a holy TERROR. The TYRANT is off smiling somewhere with the biggest grin that extends from humongous ear to the other. His minions have done his work so well. Leak after damn leak has caused our President pure hell.

Friday started with fresh news and ends with another fresh leak. Sessions will no doubt be called before a Congressional committee. More answers from the embattled AG they will try to seek. Mueller will be quite interested to find out what is going on. Comey was probably the one who leaked this. More angst and misery for our DON.

Our President is ANGRY. Our President is beyond MAD. The leaking from the Deep State persists. The leakers try to do our DON in. It’s getting UGLY. It’s getting real BAD. This morning Trump fought back. He unleashed tweet after tweet. He meets the lies, the distortions head on. No time to be discreet. Outraged is he at the WITCH HUNT that he is witnessing. There is talk of Mueller trying to get Paul Manafort to turn against the President. This is all so disturbing. Our President’s anger is justified. The overreach of Robert Mueller must be decried.

The politics of personal destruction has been ratcheted up to levels heretofore never seen. The hateful enemies of our DON always play dirty never clean. Once again he questions why there is no interest in Clinton’s ties to Russia, including the Podesta Company, the Uranium deal, the Russia reset, the speeches, et cetera, et cetera. The destruction of Donald Trump is the only damn thing they desire. This is the sole thing that they are after.

He didn’t have to remind us in this morning’s firestorm of tweets that these Democrats are obstructionists. You’d have to be brain dead not to realize this. Their agenda is to be unanimous in their anything that Trump proposes. It has been that way since his first day in the Oval Office. He addressed a variety of topics in his ten tweet release. He may have a new Communications Director but his strategy of daily tweeting will never ever cease.

Tweeting drives his enemies utterly crazy and this alone should make it all seem worthwhile. Our DON knows what he is doing. He is up against such evil forces dripping with utter guile. On and on this war goes and in the final analysis the forces of GOOD will overcome EVIL. Donald Trump did not achieve the presidency only to lose out in the end. We took him at his word. He will indeed deliver what he promised and that is to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

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