Remember when Senator AL FRANKEN (D) won his seat AFTER he lost the election during a “recount” when 100’s more Democrat votes were suddenly “discovered”.

Then ALLEN WEST (R) “lost” his election too during a recount when 100’s more ‘uncounted’ Democrat votes were “discovered”!

During the last presidential election in 2016 it was reported that 100’s more fraudulent, uncounted Hillary votes were found in a vault somewhere. (I saw pictures of them on TV.)

During the Romney/ Obama presidential election of 2012 voter fraud was rampant! In Pennsylvania alone out of 59 precincts in one district…Romney did not receive 1 vote! Really?? Then in several states, there were reports that when people used the voting machines …when they tried to select Romney…Obama’s name came up instead! How many unintended votes did Obama get that way?


Now the Alabama election is being questioned. Supposedly, there were over 22,000 “write- in” votes, enough to throw the election to the Democrat! In one precinct it was reported that MORE VOTES were cast than there were registered voters. Also reported was the fact that Illegal Aliens were bussed around to different polling places. Will the truth ever be known?

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On top of all this, we now find out that the Department of Justice is corrupt & the FBI is corrupted as well! Apparently both agencies were working in concert with the Hillary Clinton campaign in order to defeat candidate Donald Trump!

Then there’s the FAKE “Golden Shower” DOSSIER which was commissioned & paid for by Hillary’s campaign and portrayed by the FBI, & the Justice Department as truth…even when they knew it was phony! The only “collusion” with Russians was on the part of the Clintons when they sold out 20% of our Country’s uranium to Russia to enrich their Clinton Foundation!

LONG STORY… SHORT, if Democrats DON’T CHEAT, they CAN’T WIN! Yes, Democrat corruption runs deep! Just how deep remains to be seen!

How much longer will the American people continue to tolerate corrupted, stolen elections and a corrupted government which has forgotten that it works for us!

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