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The State of California, which was once very prosperous and had the 5th largest economy in the world, is being completely destroyed under the chokehold of total Democrat rule!

Northern California has been particularly hard hit and we are also suffering from TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION a clear violation of the Constitution! This is why 21 Northern California Counties are desperately trying to separate from Southern California in order to form a NEW STATE.

Out of the 58 counties in the State of California…the 21 northern counties must SHARE 3 STATE SENATORS and must SHARE 3 ASSEMBLYMEN! But, Los Angeles County ALONE has 24 State Senators & 37 State Assemblymen!

Now…let that sink in….The ENTIRE 21 northern counties of California must SHARE 6 state representatives. WHEREAS Southern California has a TOTAL of 114 state representatives!

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Anti-Trump protesters in California

Besides lack of representation in state government…SACRAMENTO also regulates every facet of our lives…taxes us to death…TAKES our WATER…and REFUSES to let us harvest our bountiful timber! In fact, the California DEMOCRATS with the help of the EPA have destroyed the once thriving timber industry in Northern California and consequently destroyed the economies in those 21 northern counties along with the livelihood of thousands… preferring INSTEAD to see the FORESTS BURN!

On top of that…because of California’s regulatory strangleholds…countless businesses continue fleeing the state in record numbers as California ranks at the very bottom of the list as states being most unfriendly to businesses!

While the remaining taxpayers are rapidly fleeing the state…Democrats welcome in all illegal aliens…who pay NO taxes and who are promptly put on welfare…which is over-burdening an already huge deficit numbering in the TRILLIONS.

In addition to all that…Democrat Governor Jerry Brown and his Democrat cohorts misappropriated all the money allocated for our state water project like the OROVILLE DAM repairs. They took all that money and spent it on their numerous programs for the Illegals! We now all know what a disaster that turned out to be!

In Democrat controlled California it’s Illegal aliens FIRST and to hell with our American citizens! Proof of that is their intent to now declare California a SANCTUARY STATE!

NOW…to add insult to injury…Sacramento DEMOCRATS want to secede from the UNITED STATES! But shortly after saying that. .. Gov. Jerry Brown…turned around and had the nerve to ask for Federal Aid!


Carol Byers

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