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With Donald Trump winning the presidential election, Republicans now control the House of Representatives, the Senate and now the White House. Looking at the latest budget deal making its way through Congress, you’d think the Democrats won.

This budget funds every one of the Democratic progressive agenda items and really bears no reflection hardly at all to any of the campaign promises Trump made to America.

The Republican Congress fully funds the privately owned abortion factory Planned Parenthood. There is no provision to cut any funding for sanctuary cities. Despite GOP promises to repeal and replace Obamacare, not only is the disastrous bill not repealed, the Republicans just fully funded it through the end of the fiscal year.  Trump proposed cutting the EPA by 31 percent. Instead, it too is fully funded.

The Republicans are already chalking up a win for the 15% increase in defense spending. But that is the GOP just saying the glass is half full. Trump proposed a 30% increase in defense spending but Democrats were able to slash that in half in this budget.

Oh, and there is absolutely NO funding whatsoever for Trump’s border wall.  In fact, although the budget does grant a “$1.5 billion for border security efforts including new technology and repairing existing infrastructure” it specifically states that none of this will be used for the construction of the wall.


Not only does this budget not cut the size of government, domestic spending actually goes up!  Trump asked for a total cut of $18 billion in non-defense spending. He didn’t get a dime of it.  The $1.07 trillion budget deal squeezed into 1665 pages, gives the National Institute of Health an additional $2 billion and $295 for Medicaid in Puerto Rico, among many other provisions.

This budget deal represents a total betrayal by the Republican party to its voters. In 2009 they said “we can’t do anything, the Democrats hold the House.” So, in Obama’s first mid-term election, voters gave the GOP the House. Then the excuse that they couldn’t pass meaningful legislation because the Democrats still hold the Senate. So voters gave the Republicans the Senate. Then Republicans screamed they couldn’t pass anything because it would only be vetoed by the Democrat in the White House. Now we have a Republican president. Still, every single liberal progressive agenda item gets funded and the Republicans claim victory.

What a lie. The Democrats are also claiming victory. The difference is, the Democrats are right. The big losers here are the American people who expected and deserve better.

This is only a temporary stop-gap measure. It’ll be better next time. Promise. We’ve only been listening to that story for eight years.

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