Election Rigging, Illegal Voting, Stealing Elections, Democrats, Democrats Cheating, Lying, Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein


I personally witnessed this in the previous election…when some of us went over to Reno, Nevada to help at Romney headquarters.

Think back…remember how in 59 PRECINCTS in Pennsylvania, Romney DIDNT get a single vote?

Remember how in FLORIDA, where ALLEN WEST had won… and … his opponent DEMANDED a recount where he “suddenly” won by 400 more votes than even the NUMBER of people who were registered?

ALSO…in the Great Lakes region…LEFTIST Al Franken lost and quickly demanded a recount where “magically” HUNDREDS more ballots appeared to put him in office.

More recently, a few weeks ago, 11 BIG totes were discovered all STUFFED with Hillary votes! AND…her recently released emails have revealed 5,000 UNCOUNTED Bernie votes.

SOROS is somehow involved with the voting machines and in multiple states people were complaining that when they tried to vote for Romney, only Obama’s name came up!

This was witnessed by me firsthand in 2012 in Reno during the previous Election. When people pushed in Romney’s name, only OBAMA’S name came up. When they couldn’t get it changed …they had to call for help.

Election Rigging, Illegal Voting, Stealing Elections, Democrats, Democrats Cheating, Lying, Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein

Also in Reno…people were registered at addresses where they didn’t even live! Eight PHONY REGISTRATIONS alone at a single MOTEL! Another Reno resident complained that she witnessed a woman who voted in two different precincts!

During the 1st Obama election in the Midwest, where you could register and vote on the same day, Democrats were picking up homeless people off the streets or
Getting them out of shelters and taking them to register & vote! THEY then putting them into the cars and taking them to the next precinct or county to have them vote again!!

Since that time…There have been scattered reports through the years of people bragging that they voted for Obama 4 or 5 times. In recent weeks..Bridgeport State Rep. Christina Ayala (DEMOCRAT) was arrested on 19 voting FRAUD charges!

In view of just what I know. ..Trump is right to be concerned about election integrity.

Democrats have worked decades to achieve the power they now have…they won’t go quietly into the night.

By Carol Byers

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