“Dismissed Educator: Professor Steve’s Story”

Lynne M. Taylor
for The Patriot Institute

There comes a time, Patriots, when we must honor not only those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces, but those cilivans who sacrifice time, energy, their resources, and their well-being to proudly serve our country. 

Not to detract from the Armed Forces and their families this Memorial Day Weekend, I wanted to share a true American Citizen-Patriot’s story with you.

Meet Professor Steve:

Patriots, that’s Steve on the right hand side of the picture. Notice he, along with his wife, Ruth, are being interviewed by Dr. Chaps. According to Dr. Chaps bio, he’s a retired Navy man. So, I thank him for his service to our country.

Now, I don’t know Dr. Chaps, but I do know Ruth. By knowing Ruth, I am associated with Steve. Ruth has had me appear on at least 3 of her broadcasts since we met (via social media). From what Steve has told me, he loves my education research and activism in speaking out.

(*Patriot’s Note: If you’d like to see the show featured above (marriage was the topic) in the screen shot, view it here. Dr. Chaps shares in the opening comments that Ruth and Steve had recently been on discussing the church and Common Core. That video is well worth watching, especially when you consider Steve’s story below.)

However, during a recent conversation about education, I learned Professor Steve had a VERY interesting story Ruth said I should hear. I asked if Steve would be up for my sharing that story. He said that he’d love to see it help other professors, teachers, and educators.

The Professor and His Educator Job:

Steve and his wife Ruth, along with their children have been dedicated Christians for many years. Among the Professor and Ruth, many jobs have been held and many adventures have happened.
Steve had landed a job as a full-time tutor with
Sylvan Learning Centers at their Henderson, NV location. In 2016, he was dismissed from Sylvan for his refusal to teach Common Core to the students. Steve had been with the company almost 10 years before this discriminatory action by his boss.

Steve told me via a phone interview, “I was one of the best professors there. I was a good team player.” He quickly added this truth ‘bomb’, “In our teaching team, most of us were veteran teachers. Many of those ‘vets’ had years of school district experience, teaching experience, and, tutoring students.”

Steve went on to share that the longer the team he was a part of was there, the students had great success, the tutors felt great because they were doing what they loved and seeing the kids blossom. He also told me the team was ‘pressured tremendously to become more progressive and liberal’ in their times with the students.

All the while, Steve and his wife had been researching the demise in education they were seeing around them. The Professor starting seeing the students come in with work  no one on the teaching team had ever seen before.  In his words, Steve stated, “The kids were coming in with convoluted (difficult to follow) work. There were matrix web based lessons. Those of us teaching, as well as the parents of these students, had no clue how to help the kids.”

This drove Steve to look even harder at what was happening. He found Charlotte Iserbyt’s work and information to be a lifesaver. He discovered how the Common Core State Standards were killing the joys of learning. He was also witnessing it happen every day he went to work. So did his fellow team members.  Steve shot down Common Core all the time at work. He was very vocal about the horribleness which the teachers (at schools and at his Sylvan location) and students were facing. He confronted his management team about the misgivings he was seeing with Common Core. Like a great American citizen, he carried on.

While Steve and Ruth were away from NV in TX for a conference (“It’s About the Child”), someone back at the tutoring center must of been ‘gearing up’ for Steve’s return. Why? When he got back from TX and reported for work that day, he was greeted with “This will be your last day here.” He was told he was in violation of his Sylvan contract.
When Steve asked to see his contract he was denied. He simply wanted a copy to prove he wasn’t in violation.
The manager stated Steve was losing his job because he wouldn’t support the Common Core State Standards. After being released from Sylvan, the Christian Education International organization vouched for Steve’s character. To no avail, Sylvan did not recant.

I, for one, congratulate Steve for his Patriot stance. He didn’t back down. He stood for his convictions. I’m glad he left Sylvan.

Today, Sylvan and its parent company (Educate, Inc.) rake in millions of hard earned parental funds.

(Source of picture)

Steve’s former Sylvan location boasts of being part of the largest STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math)  service in the nation.

Not to detract from Steve’s patriotism, but to show you WHAT Sylvan may have based their decision to let him go on, consider these links of evidence.

1) Sylvan Learning Centers are considered in a few different ways. The web site and parent company call Sylvan and other services just like it ‘tutoring’ and ‘enrichment’ centers. AdvancED (a CCSS (Common Core State Standards)Machine member organization) reveals through their accrediting system this one Sylvan Center is a type of private school.
Was Steve’s former job at an AdvanceEd accredited site? I couldn’t locate that information, but I think we should be asking these types of centers, what group accredits them? How tied to the CCSS Machine are THEY?!
Because AdvancED micromanages schools, school boards, etc. This is an overreach of P3s (public private partnerships) in education.

2) IF Sylvan Centers in your area are accredited by AdvancEd, then these centers are private schools, too. As such, this means their existence and limitations of your local school board apply! Patriots, also consider that even if these centers are NOT limited by your local school boards, they MUST work with them.

3) Sylvan Center leadership can be tied to Prometric (CCSS aligned data mining test/assessment used by public, private, homeschool, and faith-based schools).

4) STEM is a UN (United Nations) tool to shove the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into every aspect of education AND our communities.

5) More evidence for the global ‘cash cow’ behind education alignment and Sylvan:

Patriots, this concludes Professor Steve’s story. He’s a true champion for Christ AND our kids. Sylvan is a giant (Goliath) company. Has Steve lost against the giant? Hardly! Both Steve and Ruth are ordained ministers today. Life is a blessing for their family. Once again, I thank Professor Steve, his wife and his family for being Americans not afraid to stand strong against the evils in education. Professor Steve’s words to you, fellow Patriots? Don’t back down from the truth. See education abuse, report it..even if it means your job. God’s got your back.

If you have a similar American Patriot educator, let me know their story. It’s an honor to know we have citizens among us who will fight the educratic system.

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