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MOST OF YOU should remember that Trump was not my choice. However he is president now and as scripture instructs, I Pray for him and rejoice when he gets it right.. And low and behold, he is doing 10 times more things that I like than Hillary or Obama did or would have following their ideology. And he is not against Christians like Obama was. Why is it then that all I see among some types are things being posted and shared like the below?


1. Political analyst: Paul Ryan could go to prison for his role in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal
** Honest people know that after a years searching for no announced crime by Trump:
**. Expert IT technicians say no outside source hacked the DNC; And that it was leaked from the inside, intentionally.
** The provable crimes are those of Hillary sharing intelligence with unauthorized person against the law.
** Hillary colluded with outside Ukranian government to interfere with the election.
** Hillary and the DNC colluded to cheat Bernie Sanders

2. Proof that Donald Trump was only taking golf trips to bilk money from the Secret Service

3. Donald Trump, white supremacist
** He certainly could have better handled certain things concerning this matter, speaking up sooner and making it clearer faster that he would not put up with violence.. But the truth is people Like Antifa and not the KKK (who are a small group nationally) are mainly the ones who have been violent and that, against Trump supporters. Reccently folk have had GLUED BRAINS and could not admit the truth that Trump told about there being hateful people on both sides..

The media attacked Melania Trump for wearing heels leaving for hurricane Harvey

4. After Donald Trump fails on his second visit to Texas floods, he’s reduced to trash talking Hillary
** SOMEBODY gotta do it, because too many people do not care about the Clinton crimes and all the new evidence coming out right now, showing:
** that COMEY planned to exonerate her before he even questioned her
** or before he questioned 17 other close associates of her.
** That they never put her under oath,
** That they ALLOWED them to destroy their computers and delete emails
** that the FBI LITERALLY PAID to have the fake dossier on Trump made.

5. Melania Wears Prada
** Ok the Above was DUMB and this is DUMBER
Look again above; what does it take for people to be so IN HEAT for hating a person that they pass by the true crimes and live in a fake world deep in their corrupt minds? But even worst, it causes them to do all the wrong things that would benefit their own country for themselves and their children?

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