Ed’s Shakedown: A look at Congressional education legislation
Lynne M. Taylor for the Patriot Institute

Greetings, fellow Patriots
I have a question for you. How well do you think our Senators and Representatives are protecting our students, teachers, and, families from the massive ‘student data rape’ going on? Before I give you plenty of evidence, let me show you why I’m using such a strong phrase.

Patriots, as you can see, there is not much difference between a physical rape and a data mining rape. It’s time we face the ugly truth.
Rape isn’t pretty, it’s horrid. It should NEVER have to happen to anyone. Physically or digitally.

However, when this type of ‘student data rape’ is  ignored or toned down with ‘innovation’‘updating  of infrastructure for faster internet’, ‘personalized learning’, ‘computer assessments’, or, ‘career paths’, the reality of personal violations goes unnoticed. Not anymore!

The bottom line? D.C. is NOT protecting our students, teachers, and, families! D.C. is continuing to lay out a massive cloud-based profile for one goal: an educated worker for a global economy.

Patriots, look below at how D.C. is viewing ALL students (regardless of age or school choice):

Patriots, know this, D.C. is NOT going to slow the data raping infrastructure updated innovations at all.
It can’t, not as long as ANY and ALL association with the United Nations exists.
Plainly put, the groundwork for having a national data tracked citizenship has been going on for years. If you look at the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) you’ll see education was the purposed ‘change agent’ all along.

Align the education, you drive the workforce. You manipulate the curriculum and assessments to create a workforce. It’s all about controlling the economy, NOT our Johnnies and Suzies of the nation to be free to pursue THEIR happiness and dreams. This shift in education is NOT reserved for any one student population. It’s aimed at every single one of us.

HR 3199 (Improving Access to Higher Education)
*Fast tracks students with CBE (Competency Based Education) and CTE (Career Tech Education). Heavily beefs up data tracking (aka ‘student data rape’) and assessments measuring skills (not academic prowess).

HR 3636 and S 1694 (Educator Preparatory Reform Act)
*Amends the HEA (Higher Education Act). Broadens the definition of ‘educator’. Uses K-12th grade data to drive the path during higher education. Will over assess teachers for their competency as well as allow CCSS Machine professional developers to indoctrinate how students are taught. (*Note: CCSS Machine is short for my description of the Common Core State Standards Machine. CCSS was rebranded in ESSA’s passage into law, yet the resources and PD (professional development) still use the original term.) Look for more information by clicking on the highlighted link. Look just below the “Comment Card” picture.

HR 2590 (Computer Science for All Act)
*Extends the Obama created initiative (which ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act, codified and is now a national mandate). Grants more power for data raping via the U.S. Dept. of Education’s Secretary, Betsy DeVos. (find this Bill’s information above the “Comment Card” picture in the article.)

S 2342 (Innovation Zone Act)
*Will use anywhere between 5 to 100 higher education institutions to carry out a 10 year experiment with P3s manning the data rape to SEE if CBE really works. (*Note: CBE cannot exist without computers, technology, and, data.) Puts DeVos in the ‘driver’s seat’ to gauge what education programs stay and which go. (This information will be near the top of the article.)

HR 2859 (Advancing CBE Act)
*Amends the HEA. This one has passed the entire House and is in the Senate. It expands CBE for K-adult education. Experiments on students of all ages. Embeds P3s (public private partnerships) in this experiments carried out in classrooms and educational programs in your community. Massive amount of data raping will occur with this one. It also fast tracks education so students can ‘graduate’ faster to make more money. (see the picture with the graduate above)

S 1270 and HR 2653 (STEM Opportunity Act)
*STEM is short for ‘Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math. STEM is 100% UN derived and the major kingpin in the SDGs. These bills will put global education/workforce policy above US law; NOT, US law driving US policy! The bills direct a federal agency’s office to ensure ALL federal programs and activities for STEM are carried out. A key target in both these Bills? Global competitiveness can only be reached by an increased workforce. (First section of the link will give you more details.)

HR4323 (STEM for Veterans Act)
*This one has passed the entire U.S. House and is now in the U.S. Senate. Massive data raping of our veterans. Totally aligns them to CBE via Common Core (or whatever your State calls it) and CTE. This is not the way a true Patriot of our nation should be thanked. (Look for this about 3/4 down, through this link.)

H Concurred Resolution 29
*This Resolution simply means that BOTH Chambers of Congress agree on increasing STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and, Math) in education. Especially using AP (Advanced Placement) courses and assessments. Beefs up the ‘student data rape’ for career tracks and alignment. 

HR 4375 (STEM Research and Education Effectiveness Act)
*This has passed the House and is now in the Senate. It targets women and minorities to become STEM educated for workforce/economy greatness. This is another tell-tale UN SDGs tactic. The STEM in this Bill also uses NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). An increased federal footprint in your State’s education will also occur. How? Money (just think Race to the Top all over again). The last paragraph before the close of the embedded article will give you more information.

S 2084 and HR 4272 (Community Partners in Education Act)
*Embeds education as a component for strong economics, not reserving education as a stand alone privilege. Will increase the P3s in the communities (ESSA mandated this, by the way). Amends the Perkins Act (Perkins Funding goes to every State based on the student population for 5 to 17 years old. Perkins money goes to CTE in your State.)
Embeds the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLCs). ESSA also mandated these Centers. These Centers not only data rape the students, but families, and entire communities. If your community isn’t aligned enough to 21st Skill Readiness, your community can be penalized by losing funds.  These Bills will wipe out any distinction between ‘school choices’. They will impact all teachers and students!
What are the 21st Skill Readiness parameters in these Bills? “Critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and, collaboration”. Every State will have to assess these 4 skills. These Bills also will insert more non profits and non educators in your community in charge of educating your students. Lastly, DeVos’s power is increased.

HR 4029 (AIM Act; Accurate Income Measure Act)
*This Bill directs DeVos to use student harvested data in certain ways while supposedly blocking her in other ways.
The Bill’s language not only exposes the U.S. Dept. of Education’s ties to our Social Security data, but will unite Ed to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). AIM is targeting the cosmetology education. It is my belief by targeting such a creative and free-spirited student population it will set a dangerous precedent. How? Align the creative and free spirits to workforce via a level income for everyone in it and what happens? The free spirit and creativity die.
This Bill will impact K-adult education.

HR 600 (Digital GAP Act; Digital Global Access Policy Act)
*Increased P3s in all digital learning exclusively via CBE. Expands the ‘student data rape’ footprint globally. Expands the U.S. Federal Government. This Bill alone ties 5 UN/UNESCO  groups to education. It amends the Peace Corps Act to ‘leverage’ all volunteers to indoctrinate digital literacy skills. Lastly, this Bill commits the US to global partnerships to provide internet access to every citizen. (*Note: ESSA also mandated 24/7, 365 days internet access for all students in America. Why? They cannot be denied education resources available on the internet.)

HR 1702 (Small Business Development Centers Improvement Act)
*Will use the SBA (Small Business Administration) to create more national workforce job centers. SBA is a big CCSS Machine member already, so know that increasing these Centers will continue to education to workforce pipeline. Expect more P3s and data rape, too. This Bill will increase CTE career tracks in K-12th grades via more business workforce standards (ESSA mandated that ALL education/teaching be aligned to industry based education standards as laid out in WIOA, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.). This Bill also creates a new federal data working group. The first section of this article, will lay everything out.

S 1295 and HR 2782 (RISE Act; Respond, Innovate, Succeed, and, Empower Act)
*These target special needs and the disabled. Will use their IEP (Individual Education Plan) and/or their Recorded Plan of Disability to continue the ‘student data rape’ in higher education. It will beef up their CCR (College and Career Readiness). CCR is basically the same as the 21st Skill Readiness (see above). The cost to widen the data track for these students? Ten million dollars. The link here, middle section of the article, will give you more details.

S 1421 and HR 3828 (Patsy T. Mink Gender Equity in Education Act)
* Both these Bills use STEM education in combination with Title 9 to target women and minorities for pipeline workforce education. Massive ‘student data rape’ is not only included in this pair, but backed by some of the national groups who champion physical rape awareness! These Bills will cause the States to, once again, kowtow to the Federal government via funding. The excuse used in the Bills language? School safety for everyone.

HR 2913 and S 1370 (Mental Health in Schools Act)
*Will increase Project AWARE (from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services). (*Note: Project AWARE is short for Advancing Wellness and Resilience Education Project.) Think of these as ‘mental health first aid’. The dangers of these two Bills are massive!
My fellow Patriots, Anita Hoge and Alice Linahan are cited for you in the highlighted link (will be in the final section of the article).

Mental health will be diagnosed and treated not by the professionals who SHOULD be seeing our students, but by educators. Interventions, social emotional learning, and all that connects them will be strapped on the teachers and school staff. 
Patriots, I cannot stress enough the importance of us learning how toxic ALL these Bills are for our nation.
Throughout my researching these few Bills, I noticed one thing among the repeated theme of ‘more data’, ‘more alignment’, and ‘more conformity to the global good’: the ‘sense’ of Congress is driving it all.

Patriots, I ask you: What ‘sense’? Where are OUR voices in all this? Did they not swear to protect our Constitution and their voters? Go back to my original question and answer for yourselves how well you feel D.C. is protecting our students, teachers, and, families.


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  1. Karen Bracken 2 years ago

    There is no stopping this evil and until we stop fighting a battle we cannot win and start fighting in a way that we can win we are just spinning our wheels. “The only antidote to power, is rival power”. Anita Hoge. It is time for us to create our rival power and we are working on it now. You can continue to waste days and hours on this research or you can lay down the pen and start fighting with a sword. I am not talking violence. I am talking taking steps to end this evil power that is in all factions of education. I agree we must get out of the UN to stop it but do you REALLY think that will happen. Ron Paul has been fighting for this for decades and every year as a member of Congress he had legislation to do just that. Currently there still is legislation to end our relationship with the UN. It will NEVER happen.

  2. […] Below, I’ve created a chart to illustrate the distinct likenesses of data rape and its physical equal. It isn’t pretty, but we MUST face the stark truth. (Read more about the federal government’s data rape plans, here.) […]

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