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Dear America,

I was once a great endeavor for your people. I was not a Constitutionally protected right. I, at my best, was to be considered one of the greatest gifts mankind could achieve.

Sadly, my days as being pursued for true academics; for critical thinking; or, as a quest to be the best person one could be, appear to be gone. In my place, stands a new streamlined track for your people.

This replacement for me, smacks of working skills over history; of social justice over morals and ethics; and has egregiously ensnared millions into a pay-for-success scheme.  What was once a joy for me to experience ( a student’s completion of all I had to give) has become a saddle of pain and grief. How? I see more and more people literally harming themselves (or dying) because they couldn’t measure up.

My dear America, I was NEVER  this horrible to you! I  helped you see new things. I aided you in discovering and inventing things. I  broadened your mind. My replacement has not only sought to change all this, but has added countless assessments. It has also included invading your privacy.

I wonder; no, I did I let you down? Why have I been replaced? Have I not served you well since our beginnings as a nation?! What will you do about your students? How will they learn..and learn well with this new replacement?

I am ashamed of you, America. You have chosen to willfully cast me aside in the pursuit of global goodness instead of America’s best. I have seen what my replacement does in other parts of the world where labor based work has taken over. I can foretell it: nothing any Patriot would desire. This modern education reform excludes what was Constitutionally protected: the pursuit of happiness!

I, in my original form, do exist for a while longer in some school choices, but I can also warn you, those days are truly numbered.
How I grieve for your future as a free nation. My death has come at the hands of those public private partnerships which are behind the Workforce Innovation Act, the Every Student Succeeds Act, and the Higher Education Act. My murderers? Everyone from D.C. to your home who has chosen to pick up their pens, or dig into their pockets to either write me out, or, to pay to see me disappear.

Oh, my dear America, how I weep for your children.


Classical American Academic Education

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